Marino Morettini

Marino Morettini ( born 1 February 1931 in Vertova, † December 10, 1990 in Milan ) was an Italian cyclist, an Olympic champion and world champion.

Morettini Marino was one of the strongest sprinters in Italy in the 1950s, together with Antonio Maspes and Enzo Sacchi. He grew up in Caravaggio. A sports enthusiast friend was aware of his athletic ability and bought him a bicycle. At 20 he was the UCI Track World Championships in 1951 nominated in Milan, after he had become 1950 and 1951 Italian Champion in the sprint of the amateurs. At the World Cup he finished third behind Sacchi ( 1 ) and Russell Mockridge ( 2 ).

1952 started Morettini at the Olympic Games in Helsinki and won with the italienienischem train four the gold medal in the team pursuit and bronze in the 1000 -meter time trial. In the same year he became vice world champion at the championships in Paris in the sprint and the following year in Zurich World Champion.

After these successes, his friend Fausto Coppi tried in vain to move Morettini for driving on the road. In the following years, he finished each ranked third in the Grand Prix of Paris.

1961 joined Morettini back from cycling and opened in 1966 in a wing of the Castello Zineroni Casati in Spino d'Adda restaurant. In 1990, he died in a Milan hospital of liver cancer and was buried in his home town of Caravaggio. In 2000, the place where the " Centro Sportivo " by Caraveggio is, " Piazza Marino Morettini " was named.