Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64 is the implementation of the Mario Kart concept from the Japanese video game maker Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 game console The game was released on 24 June 1997 in Germany.


The second part of the Mario Kart series is a racing game. The environments are three-dimensional, while karts, items, etc. were implemented as sprites. The game can be played with up to four players. All 16 tracks are varied and diversified. On one of the players is brought to slides, in a desert you will be approached by the train, in Toad's Turnpike overtaken you did not participate in the race cars and the jungle is jumping over a steamer. Moreover, there are many other features. Also known places such as Bowser's Castle and the Palace of Princess Toadstool from Super Mario 64 come before. There are also four battle lines, in a donut shape with lava in the center, one with four different colored plateaus, a platform with four storeys and finally a section with spaceartigem design on a platform. One can only go to second the Mario Grand Prix, at 3 and 4 players, the Nintendo 64 would probably get performance problems.


Single Player

In single-player mode, the user plays against up to seven computer-controlled opponents. Here, the player has the choice between the following modes:

  • Grand Prix: Here the player can in three different engine sizes (50 cc, 100 cc, 150 cc ) and go into extra - class, in a class of the tracks are mirrored. There are four cups ( Mushroom, Flower, Star and Special ) with four routes. It is run against seven computer-controlled opponents. At the end of a cup, the player receives depending on the reached points a trophy ( bronze, silver or gold). For each of the difficulty levels of the best scoring trophy will be saved.
  • Time Trial: Here the player drives a race track alone and without items. Equipped with three fungi, it is important to set up the best time on one of the 16 courses. His rank is seen in the menu under Data. In addition, you can view its journey under replay again.


With two players, also there is a Grand Prix races. Not the case of three and four players more. In addition, there are the following multiplayer Wettkampfmodi:

  • Versus Race: In this mode, only drive the players against each other. The routes are chosen for yourself and after each completed round, the player sees his statistics.
  • Battle / Ballonbalgerei: Each player has three balloons and must try with items to bring the balloon to burst his opponents. A balloon bursts even if a player crashes. Once a player has lost his three balloons, he becomes a bomb and his opponent can thus remove a balloon - this is only available in Dreispieler-/Vierspielermodus available. The winner is the player who last even minutes. has a balloon left. The battles are not fought on the Grand Prix circuits, but on specially provided for this purpose arenas routes. There are four arenas where battles take place.


Mario Kart 64 is controlled with the Nintendo 64 controller. Here follow key combination is valid:

  • A = With the A button, the speed increases. When R A pressed, one drifts.
  • B = With the B button you brake from the kart at standstill, you go backwards.
  • R = Together with the A Button to drift. Other function: Man jumps slightly high, better turn in curves.
  • Z = With the Z - button, it is believed the item and uses it.
  • L = There you can turn the music louder or softer. (3 volume differences )
  • C = With the C button you can quickly check how fast you drive. Also has an overview of the entire driver. ( Since the start only the first 4 places are shown).


A total of 8 drivers are available. You have free play no driver - they are all already in the beginning available. Here are the 8 riders (all known Mario characters ):


On the track, the driver question mark blocks in which the items are contained happens. Through these items, the player can improve his situation in the game. The chance of good items decreases the further he fights his way to the front. The computer opponents can not use tanks.


Altogether, there are 64 16 Mario Kart racetracks. They are integrated into the game and not be expanded. All 16 tracks are divided into 4 cups that can be managed in single and two- player mode.


  • Evaluation of AEP Emulation Page

Evaluation of GameFAQs: Reader 91%, 89 % Press

Opinion of the magazine NZone: " The best game for a long game nights with friends. If you play exclusively alone, one has fortunately also do enough until you have won all 16 routes. "

Evaluation of 4.7 of 5 points

Evaluation of cut Reports: 9.25 of 10 points

Evaluation of Game Zone: 8.2 out of 10

Evaluation of 4cheaters: 4 of 5 stars

Evaluation of Test Freaks: 9.1 out of 10

Evaluation of Nintendo fans: 8.9 out of 10

Evaluation of MobyGames: 85% and 3.8 points of 5