Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii is the implementation of the Mario Kart concept from the Japanese video game maker Nintendo for the gaming console Nintendo Wii. This Nintendo draws on almost all possibilities of the new console in terms of online ability to control and channel system. Mario Kart Wii was released in Germany on April 11, 2008.


Single Player

In single-player mode, the user plays against up to eleven computer-controlled opponents. He has the choice between

  • Grand Prix: Here the player can in four different classes (50 cc, 100 cc, 150 cc and mirror ) one of the 8 cups ( Mushroom, Flower, Star, Special, Tank, banana, leaf, lightning ) with four routes against go eleven Computerized opponents. At the end of the cups he receives, depending on the points obtained a trophy (bronze, silver, gold ) and also as an assessment of your own skill rank.
  • Time Trial: Here the player moves a distance alone and without powerups. Only equipped with three mushrooms, it is the best time to set up on one of the 32 courses. Under Provides you the Nintendo ghosts times by several seconds, Expert Staff Ghost will be unlocked.
  • Versus Race: A race like the Grand Prix mode. However, here four freely selectable terrain by car and adds these points. The race can be either free-for - any place, or as a team race with six riders a red and six drivers form a blue team.
  • In competitive mode, two games can be played: Coins Hunter: On the way coins are distributed that need to be collected. The team with the most coins at the end of the game wins. Use Items opponents coins can be stolen, with time new coins fall from the sky.
  • Ballonbalgerei: Each player has three balloons and must try with items to bring the balloon to burst his opponents. This also occurs when a player falls into an abyss. Once a player has lost all the balloons, he has three piece again. Unlike Mario Kart DS you can not inflate the balloon during the game. In the end, the team that has destroyed most of the enemy balloons wins.


For two, three or four players on the same console, Mario Kart Wii offers the option to either take in versus races or in a competitive sport against each other.

Nintendo WFC

In the online mode of Mario Kart for Wii, you can play alone or with a second player online. This is the second player, where it participates logged in as guest. Also online you can play races or competitions, where the player's performance is measured by a points system. A number from 0 to 9999 points are at the player's skill. For victories or good places the user receives points according to the skill of the opponent, for bad places he loses points. Most of the players are divided into groups depending on points. If a player has completed with the Wii Wheel more than 50 % of all races and contested 100 Grand Prix races, the Wii Wheel is gold in online mode. In addition, players who have higher in offline mode in each Grand Prix from 50 cc to mirror at least the rank of a star or marked with one. The same applies to two or three stars in all Grand Prix races and in each capacity class. Various Mario Kart owners can register a Friend Code each other as friends. Are friends online, so you can play with friends online. As an alternative to playing with friends there is the possibility of continental or worldwide search for counterparties and to play with them.

Mario Kart Channel

The Mario Kart Channel can be directly integrated into the main menu of the Wii and allows here to access Mario Kart friends, spirit data, rankings and competitions without the CD of the game lodge.


Mario Kart Wii can be controlled in four different ways.


A total of 26 drivers are available. These are divided into three weight classes: Light, Medium and Hard. Depending on the weight class, there are other vehicles or motorcycles for the various drivers of a class. The difficulty of steering increases with the weight of the driver. Some drivers are not available from the beginning and must gradually be unlocked. In addition to the 24 known Mario Kart characters, there is also the opportunity to drive their own Mii in two different outfits.

Rolling stock

A total of 36 different vehicles are divided into karts and bikes. For all vehicle types, there are, depending on the weight class of the driver's subdivision in mini, medium and maxi. Initially available for the 50cc Cup only karts, for the 100CC Cup only bikes. Everything else can be unlocked.

Power-ups (items)

Again and again on the track, the driver question mark blocks in which additional powerups are included happens. With them he can improve his own situation in the game, the chance drops to good powerups, depending on the player at the beginning of the field. If a player is threat of an item, it is made ​​acoustically and attentive to the monitor it. This is in many cases the time a possible countermeasure launch.


In total there are in Mario Kart for Wii 32 routes. They are permanently integrated into the game and not be expanded. There are 16 newly developed routes, as well as 16 that are taken from previous games of the Mario Kart series, but have been worked. All 32 tracks are hereby divided into 8 cups that can be managed in single player mode. As in the old games of the series receives the first, second and third place a gold, silver or bronze trophy. Each cup can hereby be driven in four modes: 50 cc, 100 cc, 150 cc or in mirror mode. For each of the difficulty levels of the best scoring trophy will be stored and used for different things according earned trophies are unlocked.

Rank system

In addition to the trophies themselves there in Mario Kart for Wii a new ranking system in which the player is assigned a certain degree of skill. Possible classifications are ( in ascending order ): E, D, C, B ​​and A, and the ranks 1 star, 2 stars and 3 stars. If a player consistently in all cups a certain star rank, it is displayed to other players in the online mode. The calculation of rank is based on the obtained victory points ( 0-60 ), on the basis of race-time per course, as well as on the basis of driving. To run trips outside the roadway to a kind of devaluation. The minimum times for a 2 - or 3- stars - Rank called Nintendo not public in the game, so they can only be found by trial and error out.