Mario Mattoli

Mario Mattoli ( born November 30, 1898 in Tolentino, † February 26, 1980 in Rome ) was an Italian film director, screenwriter and film producer.


Mattoli made ​​a law degree and worked for a short time as a lawyer. He was hired by the theater company Emilio Suvini / Luigi Zerboni as secretary, after which he worked as an organizer for several groups, most notably for the then very famous and successful " Spettacoli Za -Bum ". In 1932 he moved for two films as a producer on the film and finally turned in 1934 his first strip tempo massimo, which until 1966 was followed by about eighty films for which he was always involved in the script and of which only 20 can be seen in the German speaking were. By the time he specialized in comedies; under him played the most important actors of their time and this subject, especially Totò, with whom he celebrated many successes. Every now and again but he proved his talent for dramatic substances that reached the hearts of the audience.

In his home town in 2010 was the company " Officine Mattoli ".

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