Marion Castle

Marion Castle - also Terrebonne - is a representative property in the posh district Shippan Point, located on the northeastern outskirts of New York City small town of Stamford, Connecticut.

Marion Castle is named after Frank J. Marion, an American entrepreneur and founder of the Kalem Company, he is considered a pioneer of the American film industry. Marion and his family lived in the house until 1963.

The New York based architectural firm Hunt & Hunt - then owned by Joseph Howland Hunt and Richard Howland Hunt - has this feudal, ajar to the style of French Renaissance castles building designed. The foundation stone was laid in 1914, Marion Castle was completed in 1916. Marion Castle remained until today in private ownership: after Marion's death in 1963, sold it, the heirs to the entrepreneur and inventor David Cogan (then co-owner of the TV station CBS - Columbia). Since 1978, Jay A. Kobrin and Gordon Micunis are the owner of Marion Castle. The owners allow in the house cultural events such as the Shippan Point Association 's Annual Community Event. The building was registered as a historic landmark on 1 July 1982 the National Register of Historic Places.