Maris is a municipality in the district of Hildburghausen in Frankish dominated the south of Thuringia. It belongs to the administrative community Feldstein. The administrative headquarters are in the town Themar.

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Marisfeld is reachable transport network is on the main road in 2628. The village lies on the southern slopes of the Thuringian Forest differentiated south towards the north located in the mountains town of Suhl. The place is located on a limestone slab.

Neighboring communities:


Marisfeld looks back on a long history. The village was first mentioned in documents 776-796 and thus one of the oldest settlements in the area. The past also leads to the unmistakable image of the village in southern Thuringia. The castle and the fortified fortified church characterize it. The choir tower with its loopholes and the pyramid helmet reaffirm the impression. The choir of the church tower was built in 1497.

In the 13th and 14th centuries, the noble families of the lords of Schmeheim and the marshal of Marisfeld in Marisfeld were wealthy in the 17th century, the family of the marshal of Ostheim. Rule default, the location in the Official Themar first belonged to the county of Henneberg, after 1583 to various Saxon duchies and 1826-1918 of Saxe -Meiningen. In 1920 he came to Thuringia.

Marisfeld 1642-1644 was affected by witch hunts. Catharina Hahn was caught in a witch trial, and was punished with banishment.

In 1956 a machine-tractor station for the Agricultural Production Cooperative ( LPG) was built in Marisfeld. 1959-1963 was Joachim Kunze, who later became mayor of Suhl, here director.

Castle Marisfeld

Originally built as a moated castle was first mentioned in 1100 as Talburg and destroyed several times during the Middle Ages. The present castle with four towers built in the 17th century by Eva Maria Magdalena marshal of Ostheim. 1814, after the death of Baron Franz Friedrich Marschalks Ostheim, the lock on Christian Friedrich von Stockmar was sold to Coburg, which restored it. 1882 gelangete the lock into the possession of Hermann von Eichel, which subsequently became impoverished and sold it in 1936 to Ludwig Krämer from Duisburg. In memory of his late wife founded the Chandler Kate Chandler Foundation, under which the castle was used as a children's convalescent home of the National Socialist People's Welfare. In 1947 the orphanage was taken over by the People's Solidarity. 1951-1972 it led the council of the district Suhl as Karl -Liebknecht- children's home, then it was released to the local council Marisfeld. In 1993, the Social Service Agency of the home and began the restoration. By 1997, the entire castle was reconstructed and has since then served again as a children's home.

Jewish Community

From 1678 protected Jews were settled in Marisfeld of the men marshal of Ostheim first time. In this period the emergence of the Jewish community goes back. Until 1822 the church grew to 121 and to 1865 to around 200 Jewish inhabitants, about 30 % of the total population in town here. So its own synagogue at today Themarer road was built in 1832, 1848 was followed by the still existing Jewish cemetery. Even a Jewish school in a private school house and a ritual bath were available. 1856 were living in the Duchy of Saxe -Meiningen Jews equal civil rights. As a result, a major fire in 1866, then attracted many Jewish residents in the cities Themar and Meiningen. In 1925 there were only 13 Jewish residents in the city. The synagogue was desecrated in the 1930s. The last Jewish inhabitants were deported in 1942.


The local council in Marisfeld consists of six council members:

  • FW 2 seats
  • IG 4 seats

(As at municipal election on June 7, 2009)

Culture and sights


  • Castle Park and Castle Marisfeld
  • Church of St. Mauritius with organ by Nicolaus Seeber offers a distinctive image of a Thuringian church. The choir tower has loopholes and has a massive pyramid helmet. It is dated to the year 1497. The present appearance of the church in the Baroque style dates back to 1711th
  • Parsonage
  • Old School

Cultural associations

  • Friends of Castle Park Marisfeld e.V.
  • Posaunenchor Marisfeld, member of the Gnadauer trombone Bund


  • Sports club SG Marisfeld / Upper Town eV

Regular events

  • Heritage Day
  • Carnival with Carnival Club Marisfeld eV each year a week before Carnival Monday.
  • Fair on the last weekend of October with the fair society Marisfeld eV
  • Park Festival (1966-2012)

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Hans -Joachim Frank (born 1954 ), actor, director and theater director
  • Thomas Bieber Bach (born 1966 ), former German Enduro athletes