Marius, Martha, Audifax, and Abachum

Holy Three doctors is the popular name for the venerated by the Catholic and the Orthodox Church as martyrs St. Marius and Companions, Marius, his wife Martha, and their sons Abachum (also Habakkuk ) and Audifax. They were Persian Physicians and died together 268/270 in Rome.


Marius and Martha came to the martyr legend from the 5/6 According century with their sons and Abachum Audifax to 268 from Persia to Rome to venerate the tombs of the Apostles. At the same time the sons wishing to be doctors in Rome.

The parents and children attended for the poor and needy, and sought in the prisons on Christians who stood before her execution in order to comfort them.

Through its activities, the persecutor of Christians became aware of them. You should have been captured and martyred under Claudius Gothicus on 13th milestone of the Via Cornelia. Martha said to have been thrown into a well.


Their relics were probably initially transferred into the Carolingian period from Rome to Aachen, then again in the Prüm Abbey, where they are first mentioned in the Treasure Directory of 1003. In addition to the still preserved in Prüm relics are more blessed in the city, Gemblour and Cremona.

Remembrance Day: January 19 ( Catholic), July 6 ( Orthodox).