Marjorie Bruce

Marjorie Bruce (or Margaret Bruce, * December 1296, † March 2, 1316 in Paisley, Renfrewshire ) was the only daughter of the Scottish king Robert I and his first wife, Isabella of Mar, who died shortly after birth. Your paternal grandparents were Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick and Marjorie, Countess of Carrick.

1302 her father married his second wife Elizabeth de Burgh. They were crowned on March 27, 1306 in Scone as King and Queen of Scotland, which was a violation of the sovereignty of the English King Edward I. In June of the same year Marjorie was captured along with her ​​step- mother and other women of the house Bruce. Three of her uncles were executed and the English held Marjorie for a year trapped in a cage. After the new English King Edward II had ascended the throne, Marjorie lived for eight years in a nunnery.

She was eventually released in 1314, either shortly before or shortly after the Battle of Bannockburn. Walter Stewart, the Steward of Scotland, had distinguished themselves in battle and was allowed to continue as a reward for the hand of 17- year-old Marjorie. To her dowry the Barony of Bathgate in West Lothian belonged.

Two years later she went near Paisley ride when she was pregnant. My horse reared suddenly and threw her to the ground. She experienced a premature birth and the first and only son of Robert II came with a Caesarean section. Her last words were proven: " He's a laddie, I ken he's a laddie, he wants to be King" ( A boy, I know he is a boy, he will be king). A few hours later she died.

Her son followed his childless uncle actually 1371 David II to the Scottish throne. Among the descendants of Marjorie Bruce include the House of Stuart and indirectly all other British monarchs.

  • Scotsman
  • Bruce House
  • Born in 1296
  • Died in 1316
  • Woman