Mark Atkins (musician)

Mark Atkins ( born January 3, 1957 in Albany WA) is an Australian musician and artist. He is a descendant of the Yamaji tribe from Western Australia. Atkins is closely connected with its tradition as Aboriginal, which is not least because it is noticeable that each of his songs tells a story.


With 10 years Atkins started the didgeridoo playing and today, as well as Charlie McMahon, the best-known players of this instrument. He is one of the few artists who manage the didgeridoo with a variety of musical styles, quite contemporary way to connect both as a soloist and in ensemble.

Mark Atkins is also entered as a storyteller, songwriter, composer, drummer, guitarist, painter and didgeridoo maker in appearance.

Atkins had been a long series of Australian and international performances and worked with various well-known artists such as Jenny Morris, Dale Brown, James Morrison, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page ( Led Zeppelin), Jimmy Barnes, SBS Youth Orchestra, Philip Glass and many others combined. At the opening of the Paralympic Games 2000 in Sydney, he was the world to hear in all media and see.

In 1990, Mark Atkins Didgeridoo Golden Award.

Discography (selection)


  • 2002: Yamaji Man - walking in two worlds; Australian short documentary about Mark Atkins