Mark Broom

Mark Broom ( * 1971 in London ) is a British techno musician and DJ.


At the time of the Second Summer of Love 1989 Broom heard during a holiday in Tenerife for the first time from new genres such as Chicago House and Acid House. On his return home he bought his first turntables and henceforth pursued his musical career. In the context of the London record store FatCat, he met Baby Ford and Ed Handley and Andy Turner of Black Dog Productions know. Together with Handley and Turner made ​​his first publications for General Productions Records. With Steve Pickton, he published under the name Capes Ill Meester from 1994 several singles.

Together with Dave Hill, he founded Pure Plastic Recordings in 1994, on the 1996 debut album Broom Angie Is A Shoplifter appeared. Broom Hill, Handley and Turner published together under the name of an album and several EPs repeat.

Together with Hill followed under the project name Rue East albums Summer Of Blood ( 1998) Indoor and Culture ( 2001). Broom and Hill published under numerous other project names like Midnight Funk Association, Sympletic, Visitor, Voyectra, and White Lines.

Besides his own publications Broom is also active as a remixer for other musicians and provided, among other revisions for tracks from Dubfire, Edit Select, Deep Groove, DJ 3000 and Wally Lopez.

Discography (selection)