Mark Eaton (basketball)

Mark E. Eaton ( born January 24, 1957 in Westminster, California ) is a former American professional basketball player for the Utah Jazz in the NBA. The 2.25 m wide Eaton played from 1982 to 1993 at the Jazz as a center and was considered one of the best defensive players of his generation.


Until he was 21, Eaton had never played high school or college-level basketball, but was a trained car mechanic. But because of its huge body size of 2.25 m is encouraged Eaton to play basketball at the nearby UCLA. Eaton barely got playing time was after the end of his four college years not as a talent at NBA Draft of 1982 and was selected only at position 72 of the Utah Jazz.

There, however, Eaton became a star. Right away the offensively limited Eaton established himself as one of the most effective shot blocker in the NBA history. After he excellent in the first two years 275 and 351 throw attempts distracted (all over 160 is considered to be world class), he set a record for the 1984-85 eternity: He spectacular block 456 throw attempts ( 5.56 per game); compared is the second best mark at 397 (of Manute Bol) and thus almost 20 % lower. Eaton was thus chosen as the NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Together with his new colleagues, Karl Malone and John Stockton on the wing structure formed on Eaton the foundation for the rise of jazz from the cellar of the NBA Playoffs for the annual participants. Eaton was again 1988-89 NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

The slow and awkward -looking, but physically strong and excellent for his timing known Eaton suffered increasingly in his later career maladen knees and tense back muscles and ultimately finished his career in 1993. The Jazz honored its longstanding Center by retired his jersey number 53 forever.

Life after the NBA

Eaton became involved after the retirement of charitable in his " Mark Eaton Standing Tall " Foundation, which advocates for socially disadvantaged children.