Mark Gillespie (English singer)

Mark Gillespie ( born November 17, 1970 in Stockport, United Kingdom ) is the guitarist and singer of the Mark Gillespie Band from casting on the River Lahn.

Gillespie came as a street musician to Giessen. He just wanted to later members of today's Mark Gillespie band ( next to him even today: Peter Herrmann (bass ), Thomas Dill (guitar ), Oliver Hunter ( keyboards), Markus Leukel (drums) ) record a CD to its further musical way through the streets of Europe to finance. Since the musicians on so well in the studio, they also wanted time together on stage and remained so Mark in Giessen.

Today he no longer plays just down the street (but also ) but toured throughout Germany, including as support for Manfred Mann, Jethro Tull, Meat Loaf and Lisa Stansfield.

On 5 February 2008, the band was known email newsletters farewell to Thomas Dill. Successor as the guitarist was previously courted Gerd Stein.

On the street Gillespie plays eg on the Bardentreffen in Nuremberg, the TFF.Rudolstadt in Rudolstadt and often in the pedestrian zone of the town, where he achieved cult status with his performances in the Irish Pub and the " Musa ". In this case, but also in his numerous solo performances in kleinerern clubs and the like, you can watch as he repeatedly recomposed songs from his musical repertoire and umtextet. He once described it as something that could be considered as a "chain of consciousness" in English. In addition, he has mastered his loop machine excellent.

In addition to songs that he composed himself, Mark Gillespie also covert songs of days gone by Eric Clapton to Pink Floyd.


  • Give it Time ( 1996)
  • EXIT - Gillespie & Herrmann play streetwise songs, live & unplugged partly. (1998)
  • Mindless People ( 1999)
  • I Believe (2000)
  • Barefoot and Naked (2002)
  • Supersonic Wednesday Live (2004, also known as DVD)
  • Unplugged (2007)
  • In Your Hands (2009)
  • Real To Reel (2012 )


  • Mr. Wilkinson from the album Mindless People
  • Barefoot and naked Supersonic Sunday from the album