Mark Lehner

Mark Lehner is an American Egyptologist.

Lehner traveled to Egypt for the first time in 1972. At this time he was a follower of the ideas of the "sleeping prophet " Edgar Cayce, who claimed that the culture of ancient Egypt would have been justified by Atlantis. The following year he began studying at the American University in Cairo during which he gradually distanced himself from Cayce's ideas. In 1975 he obtained the degree of Bachelor of Arts in anthropology. He spent the next 13 years with various archaeological projects. In 1979 he became head of the Sphinx project of the American Research Center in Egypt, for accurate examination and measurement of the Sphinx.

1990 Lehner was awarded his doctorate in Egyptology at Yale University. Since 1988 he has headed the excavations south of the Sphinx, Giza Plateau belong to the Mapping Project. To date, there the workers' settlement and the production of the pyramid plateau of Giza are exposed. One of his projects was the öffentlichkeitswirksamsten replica of a small pyramid, tested with the ancient Egyptian working techniques and the required number of workers should be estimated the pyramids.


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