Mark Nauseef

Mark Nauseef ( born June 11, 1953 in Cortland, New York) is an American jazz percussionist.

Nauseef studied gamelan in Java at KRT Wasitodiningrat and Bali with I Nyoman Wenten, indian drums with Pandit Taranath Rao, Ghanaian drums and dance at Kobla and Alfred Ladzekpo, Beatrice Lawluvi and Cornelius Kweku Ganyo and from 1985 to 1987 contemporary Western percussion techniques at the California Institute of the Arts at John Bergamo, Glen Velez. He was also a student of Steve Reich and Trilok Gurtu.

Nauseef worked as a drummer of various rock bands such as Elf, Velvet Underground, Jack Bruce, Ian Gillan Band, Jon Lord, Thin Lizzy and G-Force. In 1987 he collaborated with the composer Lou Harrison. Nauseef moved to Germany and lives in Hamburg. Here he worked with jazz musicians Joachim Kühn, David Torn, Markus Stockhausen, Rabih Abou -Khalil and the producer / engineer Walter Quintus.

Over time, he has performed with such diverse musicians such as Steve Swallow, L. Shankar, Hamza El Din, Gary Moore, Kyai Kunbul, Andy Summers, Jon Lord, Ian Gillan, Tony Oxley Tomasz Stanko, Kenny Wheeler, Edward Vesala, Thelma Houston, Charlie Mariano, Phil Lynott and George Lewis on.

Moreover, he, alongside Walter Quintus, as a co-producer of a number plate with traditional Balinese and Javanese music.


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  • Sarabande, Jon Lord with The Hungarian Philharmonic, Andy Summers, LP 1976, CD 1999
  • Ian Gillan: Child in Time, with John Gustafson, Ray Fenwick and Roger Glover 1976

Eddie Hardin: Wizard 's Convention, 1976 Ian Gillan Band: Clear Air Turbulence, 1977 Ian Gillan Band: Scarabus, 1977

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  • Personal note, in 1982, with Joachim Kühn and Trilok Gurtu Jan Akkerman, Detlev Beier, George Kochbeck
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  • Sylvie Courvoisier Ocre with Pierre Charial, Michel Godard and Tony Overwater, 1996
  • Old Country, 1996, with Miroslav Tadić and Howard Levy
  • Birds of a Feather with Sylvie Courvoisier, 1997
  • Rabih Abou- Khalil Odd Times, in 1997 with Howard Levy, Nabil Khaiat, Michel Godard
  • Still Light, 1997, with Miroslav Tadić and Markus Stockhausen
  • Loose Wires, 1997, with Miroslav Tadić and Michel Godard
  • Kudsi Ergüner Otto Mania, 1999, Christof Lauer, Derya Türkan, Yves Rousseau, Michel Godard, Bruno Caillat, Mehmet Emin bitmez, Hakan Gungor, Najib Gulses
  • With Space in Mind, solo percussion 2000
  • Islam Blues, 2001, with Nguyen Le and Renaud Garcia- Fons
  • Gazing Point, 2002, Kudsi Erguner and Markus Stockhausen
  • Evident, 2004, Joëlle Léandre with
  • Snakish, with Wadada Leo Smith, Miroslav Tadic, Walter Quintus, Katya Quintus, 2005
  • Albert, Ikue Mori with Walter Quintus and Sylvie Courvoisier, 2006
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  • No Matter, with Bill Laswell, Markus Stockhausen and Kudsi Ergüner, 2008
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  • Kibyoshi, Ikue Mori with Makigami Koichi, DVD 2011
  • City Of Leaves, Sussan Deyhim with Bill Laswell, Kudsi Ergüner, and others, 2011
  • Near nadir, with Ikue Mori, Evan Parker and Bill Laswell, 2011
  • Spaces & Spheres, with Stefano Scodanibbio, Tara Bouman, Fabrizio Ottaviucci, Markus Stockhausen, 2013