Market analysis

The market analysis is part field of marketing and is usually used as a synonym for market research (in the broadest sense) and market information gathering. The market analysis is the basic building block of a marketing plan or a marketing concept, derived from the then strategic and operational objectives and actions. The market analysis is an important component of the enterprise -wide benchmarking.

The market analysis is in contrast to the observation of the market only a selective view of the market situation, which is why we also speak of a time of contemplation. Here, only the data are collected that are currently up to date and can be used for decisions like this. Market monitoring continues here a lot and provides comprehensive information. However, it is also time-consuming to create, as they considered a period.

For the market analysis either internal market information (such as sales, production costs ) or external market data (eg, macroeconomic trends ) used. By type of facts in this demoscopic ( opinions ) are distinguished and ökoskopische data ( facts).

For the market analysis include in particular:

  • Market potential for innovative products or services
  • Market volume and market development ( growth, stagnation, shrinking )
  • Market structure by submarkets By regions / countries
  • By product groups
  • According to customer types (eg ABC customer )
  • After sales channels

A known method for market analysis is the so- called portfolio analysis. In this example, the market share and growth potential of different products or product groups in a coordinate system, respectively, apply to x - and y -axis, and thus compared.

The market analysis, together with the observation of the market used to create a market forecast ( forecast).

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