Markha River (Vilyuy)

Course of the Marcha ( Марха ) in the catchment of Wiljui

The Marcha (Russian Марха ) is a 1181 km long left tributary of the Wiljui in Siberia (Russia, Asia). It belongs to the river system of the Lena, but is not to be confused with the south -flowing, same, shorter and more directly in the Lena which opens Marcha.


The Marcha rises approximately 700 meters above sea level in the eastern part of the Central Siberian mountains belonging Wiljuiplateaus, slightly below the Arctic Circle. It flows through this mountain primarily in southeastern directions and in wide arcs meandering, partly cut deep and relatively steep in the surrounding plateau, always on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Sakha ( Yakutia).

Approximately 300 river miles above its mouth reaches the Marcha Mitteljakutische the lowland, and finally flows below the village of Chan in the crowd there is little larger Wiljui ( in 100 m height; between Njurba and Wiljuisk ). The Marcha 's mouth close nearly 500 feet wide, three feet deep, and the flow rate is 0.7 m / s


The catchment area of ​​99,000 km ² comprises Marcha. The most significant inflow is from the right Morkoka.

The Marcha freezes between the end of September / early October and late May / early June. During this time she freezes in the lower reaches up to 150 days to reason through, in the upper reaches to over 200 days. In addition to the spring flood during snowmelt occur even shorter, rainfall -dependent floods in the summer or early fall. The average monthly water flow in estuary near is 405 m³ / s, with a maximum of 7630 m³ / s in June.

Infrastructure and economy

The Marcha is navigable from the confluence of the Morkoka, for smaller vehicles right from the mouth of the Daldyn in the upper middle reaches, and is only used to a limited extent for the Inland Waterways because of the short navigation period.

Particularly in the area of the upper reaches of some of the Yakutian diamond deposits were discovered; in this area is the settlement Aichal, further north the city Udatschny. Therefore, an artificial lake was created about 15 kilometers from its source at the Marcha northwest of Aichal for mining purposes, including several small natural lakes. The road Lensk - Mirny - Aichal or - Udatschny crosses the Marcha about 45 kilometers southeast Aichal with the single leading over the river bridge.

The through by the Marcha later in mountain land is practically uninhabited; only in the lower reaches in the Mitteljakutischen lowlands there are again some villages, some right on the river, some few kilometers away ( Malykai, Byssytta, Engolscha, Chatyn - Syssy, Mar), but no cities. In bevy Chan, eight kilometers above the mouth, is about the Marcha a ferry over the Wiljui here the following dirt road Yakutsk - Wiljuisk - Njurba - Suntar.