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Marktl (sometimes unofficially Marktl am Inn) is a market in the Upper Bavarian district of Altötting and administrative headquarters of the administrative community of the same name. Nationally known it was the birthplace of Pope Benedict XVI.

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Geographical location

Marktl is located in the Bavarian region of Southeast Planning Upper Bavaria am Inn. Near Marktl the Alz flows into the Inn.

Community structure

The municipality has 63 Marktl officially named districts:

  • Adelberg
  • Aiching
  • Altwies
  • Eyes Thal
  • Bergham
  • Better
  • Buchmaier
  • Buchöd
  • Deinöd
  • Dornitzen
  • Edhof
  • Harrow
  • Falconry
  • Forest
  • Forstergütl
  • Forest Point
  • Freiberg
  • Fürstenberg
  • Garteis
  • Streets
  • Gerling
  • Gießübel
  • Wrath
  • Holzmann
  • Irngarting
  • Jägerhäusl
  • Kiegl
  • Knab
  • Kobl
  • Kollmünz
  • Conduct
  • Leonberg
  • Lepsen
  • Listegg
  • Blaze
  • Mangassen
  • Marktl
  • Flour Theurer
  • Neuhaus
  • Neuhausl
  • Niederöd
  • Lower Winkl
  • Oberpiesing
  • Oberwinkl
  • Pepper
  • Piering
  • Point
  • Queng
  • Riedhof
  • Rosenberg
  • Schatzhof
  • Schenkhub
  • Schlehaid
  • Schlott
  • Schützing
  • Black ford
  • Climbing Thal
  • Thannöd
  • If Ling
  • Detour
  • Walln
  • Wiesing

There are the districts Daxenthaler forestry, Marktl, Marktlberg and Schützing.


Marktl was founded in the 13th century as Hofmark of the Counts of Leonberg. Since 1386 the Wittelsbach family held the lordship. Duke Henry XVI. of Bavaria- Landshut gave the place in 1422 market privileges. Marktl was Pflegamt and belonged to Rentamt Burghausen of the later Electorate of Bavaria.

Until the abolition of self-government in 1808 it had a market court magistrate own rights. 1818, the present-day municipality was formed. 1851 Marktl was raised into an independent parish. Since 1871, it has a station on the railway line Munich - Simbach. On 3 October the same year the volunteer fire brigade was founded Marktl. Since 1919, the site is protected by establishing a flood protection dam against the frequent flooding of the Inn. On January 1, 1970, parts of the formerly independent municipality Schützing and incorporated into the parish Marktlberg to Marktl on 1 January 1972. The administrative community Marktls with Stammham existed since the municipal reform on May 1, 1978. 1989, the highway access to the A94 was completed.

On July 13, 1997, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the future Pope Benedict XVI. , Made an honorary citizen of the community Marktl. After his election in April 2005 and becoming known as the birthplace of Marktl there was a kind of state of emergency in the small town. Numerous journalists and visitors from around the world flocked to Marktl and wanted to see the birthplace of Joseph Ratzinger. There is a commemorative plaque attached. Overall Ratzinger lived only two years in Marktl; on July 11, 1929, the family moved to Tittmoning on the Salzach River. On 11 September 2006 Pope Benedict XVI visited. within the framework of his visit to Bavaria also his birthplace and was there in the Golden Book of the place.


Parish council

The council consists of 14 councilors and the mayor.

(As at municipal election on March 2, 2008)

Coat of arms

The coat of arms Marktls was awarded the Rich on May 12, 1447 of the Lower Bavarian Duke Ludwig.

  • The skipper hooks is the symbol of the once so important boat trip on the Inn.
  • The Marking is the symbol for the market as a trading center for the grain.
  • The Bavarian lozenges indicate the affiliation of the town to the Duchy of Bavaria.

Community partnerships

  • Wadowice (Poland), since 2006
  • Gönnheim ( Rhineland -Palatinate, Germany )
  • Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII (Lombardy, Italy), since April 2009

As part of the alliance of Pope birthplaces Marktl maintains ( in addition to the traditional partnership with the Palatine wine village Gönnheim ) a partnership to the birthplace of the predecessor of Pope Benedict XVI. (John Paul II ) Wadowice in Poland and to Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII, the birthplace of the " conciliar pope " John XXIII.


See also List of historic buildings in Marktl


  • Parish Church of St. Oswald in Marktl, Baptistery of Pope Benedict XVI.
  • Church of St. Sebastian in Leonberg
  • Church of St. Nicholas in Bergham
  • Anthony House Chapel


On the ground floor of the Town Hall is the local history museum. The over eleven rooms extending exhibition is divided into various subject areas, including tools of the Neolithic, Inn Shipping and the gift of Pope Benedict XVI. , A golden chalice with a golden platter and the Pileolus ( skullcap ).

End of March 2006 acquired founded by the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising and the Diocese of Passau " Foundation birthplace of pope Benedict XVI. " The birthplace of Joseph Ratzinger to the presumed price of 3.5 million euros.


On the occasion of the Pope's visit on September 8, 2006, the 4.20 -meter-high column Benedict was inaugurated bronze in the marketplace. It was designed by the sculptor Joseph Michael Eggenfeldener Neustift and is shaped like a slightly open scroll. It is dedicated to both the German Pope and St. Benedict of Nursia. A twin pillar stands in the small Italian town of Velletri since September 2007.


  • Bear's Den at Altwies; geoscientific value " significantly "
  • Riser pressure wells Bergham; geoscientific value " significantly "
  • Lime kiln stone fields; geoscientific value " significantly "


Marktl is close to the A94 motorway is only partially developed and is also connected by the federal highways B12 and B20 to the long-distance transport. Also it lies on the railway line Munich - Mühldorf -.

Sons and daughters of Marktl

  • Georg Lankensperger (1779-1847)
  • Hugo Gray (1899-1984), veterinary anatomist
  • Pope Benedict XVI. (* 1927 Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger )