Markus Fugger

Baron Markus Fugger (Marx Fugger ) of the lily ( * 14 February 1529, † June 18, 1597 ) was the eldest son of Baron Anton Fugger and Anna Rehlinger. In 1557 he married Countess Sibylla von Eberstein ( 1531-1589 ). The marriage united the Fugger family with a number of families of the high nobility in West Germany: the Margrave of Baden- Sponheim, Count of Hanau- Lichtenberg and the Counts of Eberstein.

They had 13 children, 8 girls and 5 boys. However, by giving him the branch of the family died out in the male line in 1671.

Markus Fugger reached a number of high offices and honors: chamberlain of Archduke Ernest of Austria, President of Chamber, kurbayrischer advice nurse in Landshut, city nurse in Augsburg. After the death of his father in 1560 Markus Fugger managed with his brothers Hans and Jacob jointly owned the dominion of the Father. After the freight division of 1575 he received a portion of his father's reign complex with a focus in the north village. He lived with other family members a part of the Fugger Houses in Augsburg.

Horse lovers know Markus Fugger until today as the author of one of the first modern manuals on horse breeding. 1578 From the Gestüterey appeared in Frankfurt and again 1584. A to a second part added by Johann Gottlieb Wolfenstein translation from the old German came in 1802 in Vienna under the title From the breeding of war and civil horses out.

Likewise Fugger led after the death of his father, the eldest son successfully more than 30 years, the newly formed company Marx Fugger and Brothers. He was interested in church history, emerged as a patron and collected books and antiques. Nicholas Juvenel he took as a portrait painter in Augsburg. He organized magnificent celebrations with hour-long fireworks.

In 1595 he suffered a stroke from which he never recovered. The business passed to his brother Hans. Markus died 1597th