Markus Grosskopf

Markus Grosskopf ( born September 21, 1965 in Hamburg ) is a German power and speed metal musician and founder of the band Helloween.

Life and work

In addition to Michael Weikath Markus Grosskopf is the last remaining founding member of the Hamburg -derived power and speed metal band Helloween, which is considered one of the most successful metal bands in Germany. After he had played as a child in several less successful bands, he met in 1983 during his training as a butcher at Michael Weikath and Kai Hansen, who were with members of their former bands about to transform Helloween. Grosskopf has so far contributed to any release of the band, however, relatively rare operated compared to the other band members as a songwriter.

Grosskopf's first side project to Helloween was the group Shockmachine, in which he played bass and rhythm guitar. The band released their first album in 1998. He also played on the first two albums by Tobias Sammet's Avantasia project the bass. In his experimental side project Bass Invaders Grosskopf waives any six-string electric and acoustic guitars Article

Musical Style

Grosskopf himself calls Deep Purple, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Kiss and UFO as his musical influences. He mainly plays bass for the brand Sandberg.





Bass Invaders

  • 2008: Hellbassbeaters


  • 2001: The Metal Opera
  • 2002: The Metal Opera Pt. II

Roland Grapow

As a guest

Storm Warrior

Andi Deris