Markus Majowski

Markus Majowski ( born April 29, 1964 in Berlin ) is a German actor and comedian.

Life and career

The son of a cellist of the Berlin Philharmonic from 1983 to 1987 graduated drama school by Else Bongers in Berlin, where he made his stage debut. In parallel, he made ​​a vocal training.

Theater and television

Following exposure to the Franconian - Swabian cities Theatre (now the State Theatre Dinkelsbühl ) Majowski returned in 1989 to Berlin, where it plays constantly on the comedy, at the Theater am Kurfürstendamm and at the Renaissance Theatre. He was also a permanent member of five years from the magazine, the off- stage theater of Martin Wolffer. After an appearance in three episodes of the Black Forest Clinic Majowski has worked in film and television since 1988.

This was followed in particular roles in the comic genre, be it on television ( Infernal neighbors) or film ( 7 Dwarfs ), but also tragic ( The Red Mile ) or serious roles ( as an assistant to the scene Commissioner Brinkmann ). From 2002 to 2008 Majowski was in the Sat.1 comedy series The Dreisten Three - Seeing the comedy WG. From 14 May 2007 to 2 June 2007, he participated in the RTL show Let's Dance part as contestants. On 13 July 2008, he starred in The Perfect Celebrity Dinner on VOX.

In May and June 2010 he played a starring role in the comedy A home game by Charles Lewinsky in the comedy Marquardt in Stuttgart. In summer 2011 Markus Majowski presented at the Karl May Festival in Bad Segeberg piece Oil Prince alongside Erol Sander represents the role of the " Kantor Hampel "

In May, June and July 2012 Markus Majowski plays the lead role in The Man of the dares not Curth Flatow of the Theater am Dom in Cologne. Directed by Jürgen Wolffer.

In 2013 he played the role of " Volker " in the revival of the Nibelungs by Dieter Wedel at the Nibelungen Festival Worms ( Born To Die ) Worms ( 5 to 21 July 2013).


For a wide audience it was only through television advertising to a fixed size: From 1997, he played a total of ten years in numerous spots of Deutsche Telekom friendly and humorous seller T. Neumann, who alone or with prominent partners such as Jan Ullrich, Rudi Carrell, Nina Hagen and Udo Lindenberg " phones without cord " recommended.

Majowski is also active in party advertising, for the parliamentary election in 1994, he appeared in a political advertisement of the PDS, 2009, he enlisted in a video for the team2009 the CDU, whose member he is. In this, he stressed, to be a " true fan " of Angela Merkel. He also said in the video that he had " found in recent years that has simply become beautiful during the reign of Angela Merkel of Germany" ( see also: Testimonial ). The Junge Union removed the video after a few weeks of their website because of the desire of Majowski.

Majowski makes for several years advertising for Wiesenhof.


  • On 17 July 2003, a penal of 90 daily rates was adopted because he threw the children who had played him a bell string with pebbles and slightly injured against Majowski.
  • Together with his son and his wife, the actor lives in Berlin. His nephew Alexander Shepherd was also active as an actor.
  • Majowski supported in 2009 along with the Junge Union Berlin Initiative Pro Reli.
  • Majowski involved as honorary ambassadors for the Center for Grieving Children in Bremen.
  • He is also ambassador of the German children 's charity.
  • In 2004 he played the dwarf "cookie" in the 7 Dwarfs, but on the sequel he could not participate because he was already bound at the time of filming contract to the theater house in Hamburg.
  • On April 25, 2013 came his autobiography Mark, do you believe in God? on the market, in which he wrote, inter alia, about his drug and alcohol addiction and about his bisexuality.

Filmography (selection)