Maronite Eparchy of Saint Maron of Sydney

The Eparchy of St. Maron in Sydney (Latin Eparchia Sancti Maronis Sydneyensis Maronitarum ) is a Greek Catholic Eparchy of Diaspora Maronite Church in Australia. Bishop of the Eparchy Ad Abi Karam is.


19th century

Due to a large emigration of Lebanese Maronite Christians in mid / late 19th century, was decided by the Maronite Patriarch in 1889 the pastoral ministry among the Lebanese Christians in Sydney continue to allow. In this respect, the Greek Catholic priest Abdallah Yazbeck and Joseph Dahdah were commissioned for the Diaspora community in Sydney and arrived on 8 May 1893, the Australian port city. They set up in 1894 a Greek Catholic chapel in the Waterloo area. This served until 1879 as the church of the parish. In 1879 a new Greek-Catholic Church was built, which was inaugurated by the then Cardinal Maron and determined from January 10, 1897, for the worship according to the Byzantine Rite. Minister Abdallah Yazbeck died in 1933 in Sydney, priest Joseph Dahdah died after his return to Lebanon in 1936.

20th century

Successors have been to the year 1960 Pastor Abdallah Assaf. Him broke pastor Chukrallah Harb in 1961 until his return in 1963 in the Vatican City from. In Redfern district, the Church of St. Maron has already served for 70 years for the growing Maronite community. During this period, the Maronites of the community settled in other centers, such as Sydney - Parramatta. The community continued to grow at impressive. The Maronite Patriarch appointed Rev. Peter Ziade the pastoral ministry in the church of Rev. Harb in 1963 continue. He was assisted pastor Trad. Pastor Ziade sat a very for the Greek- Catholic community. In the period 1963-1973 the church of St. Maron was built. He also had a community hall, community school, a rectory in the district of Redfern build. This was opened on 2 May 1965. The community acquired under pastor Ziade a piece of land of Harris Park in Sydney. On this, the community hall was built. Also, the foundation stone for the church of Our Lady of Lebanon was laid in 1970. The Congregation of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family took her missionary work in 1968 in the Diaspora was. Pastor Ziade helped establish a Lebanese monastic order in Sydney and participated in the founding of the diocese in Australia.

In October of 1973, Archbishop (pro hac vice ) Ignace Abdo Khalife was commissioned in Rome with the leadership of the newly established Diocese of St. Maron in Sydney. At the same time he became the first bishop of the eparchy. His duties were also the organization and construction of other Maronite eparchies in Australia. He also asked for help from other priests. The first priests were aware of the request of the Bishop turned towards for help Michal Boumelhem, Youssef Touma, Antoun Shalhoub and Nakhle Akiki. During their joint, 18-year pastoral ministry for the Greek Catholic Eparchy of St. Maron in Sydney the Greek-Catholic Church of the Lady of Lebanon was opened in 1978. Were acquired land for the church of St. Joseph in the Croydon area and of St. George in the Thornleigh area. It was followed by the acquisition of land for the bishopric in Strathfield district. It has reached the office of Anthony sisters in Melbourne in 1981. In addition to building the home of Our Lady of Lebanon, Harris Park, was Our Lady of Lebanon started in Wollongong in New South Wales with the acquisition of land for the construction of the church. This was followed by the purchase of a plot for the construction of two houses near the Church of Our Lady in Harris Park. Successor of Archbishop Khalife was in 1991 Bishop Hitti.

Bishop Hitti took over the eparchy on March 4, 1991. Under his leadership, the Maronite community has continued to rise. In 1993, the Congregation of Maronite Missionaries welcomed, under pastor Fr Sarkis Charbel founded then its pastoral mission in Sydney. The nursery site in Belmore was inaugurated. The authorization for the acquisition of land for the establishment of a parent company for the Maronite Sisters in Dulwich Hill was permitted. Furthermore, under Bishop Hitti the Lebanese University were ordained Our Lady of Lebanon and the High School St. Scharbel. The work on the residence of Our Lady in Sydney were taken. The dorm expanded. The Anthony monks were invited to Melbourne to begin their missionary work among the Greek-Catholic believers. They accepted the invitation and came to Australia in December 1997. The inauguration of the newly constructed Secretariat in Strathfield was made ​​by Bishop Hitti.

Bishop Ad Abi Karam was officially inaugurated on 8 February 2002. He is the third Maronite Bishop of Australia.