Mars (Manga)

Mars is a manga by Fuyumi Soryo. The manga tells the story of shy girl Kira and Rei boys who seem to be different, but find each other. Mars is a shōjo manga and thus is mainly aimed at girls and young women.

2004, a real television series based on the manga under the title God Mars was produced in Taiwan.


Rei is not just a daredevil, he also has a strong sense of justice and helps Kira when it is being bullied by classmates. Kira's opinion about Rei changes when he kisses the statue of Mars in the art room. She paints Rei and calls this Mars image. The two get closer, but first Kira respects their restraint even in a first kiss. As the story progresses Rei and Kira learn the others always know better and to find the depths of the other out. This Rei Kira can protect her, he wants to marry her when he is 18. Towards the end of Rei leaves school and enters into the inheritance of his stepfather. But he is still dissatisfied and finally he succeeds with Kira's help to realize his dream of becoming a racing driver.


Kira Aso was abused during her childhood by her stepfather, has therefore been cautious and the most discreet girls in her school. In addition, she has an aversion to all the boys and tried to distract himself by painting that would make later to become their career, from their problems.

Rei Kashino has lost his entire family through tragic circumstances. His father, who was a racing driver, died in a car race, his mother committed suicide, as well as his twin brother, who fell from a roof. After a while he lived in Los Angeles, he returned to Japan. He lives in a poor family and earned his living as a construction worker. His dream is to become a racing driver like his late father. Since his stepfather does not support him in his projects, he is trying to realize his dream of their own. He does not mince words, is handsome, very popular with the girls and the most striking boy at school.

Tatsuya Kida is in love with Kira, but has not the courage to tell her that. In addition, he is the best friend of Rei.

Harumi Sugihara you tried Rei after she had an affair, to win for themselves. Since rice has failed relationship with an older student, she sees her chance. But Kira makes her appearance ruin everything. And the passionate Harumi burning with hatred and jealousy


Mars was released in Japan for the first time in 1995 in the monthly manga magazine Bessatsu Friend and found there in 2000 to an end. The story was published by Kodansha publishing house since 1996, also in 15 paperbacks. These were followed in 2000 a supplementary volume entitled Mars Gaiden.

In German Planet Manga Manga moved the 2002 to 2003 completely, at monthly intervals. Mars Gaiden appeared as a 16 band. Also in Italy, France and the U.S., the manga was published.