Marsa, Malta

35.8851914.49573Koordinaten: 35 ° 53 ' N, 14 ° 30' E

Marsa (or Il- Marsa ) is a city in Malta with a population of 6342 (as of 31 December 2010), located at the southernmost part of the Grand Harbour. The name comes from the Arabic word for harbor. Marsas urban area borders the municipalities of Paola, Qormi, Ħamrun and Floriana.

Marsa houses the " Malta Shipbuilding " - now called Malta Shipyards. Also located there, the Marsa power station, which supplies next to the newer power plant Delimara Malta and Gozo with electricity. This coal-fired power plant was used in the 1950s by the UK acquired, as it already then no longer met the environmental requirements there. Since then it has been regularly rebuilt and renovated.

Marsa particularly for the local racetrack, the " Malta Racecourse ", located on the outskirts of Qormi in the western part of the city known.

In 1565, when the Turks, the Knights of Malta Birgu, Senglea and Fort St. Elmo besieged (see also Siege of Malta ( 1565) ), had this at that time, be added to the Marsa, a free relatively flat area with fountains their encampment.

The local football club Marsa FC currently playing in the Second Division.


Is a city partnership between Marsa and Bridgwater in Great Britain.