Marshall F. Moore

Marshall F. Moore ( born February 12, 1829 in Binghamton, New York, † February 26, 1870 in Olympia, Washington ) was an American politician ( Republican) and 1867-1869 of the 7th Governor of the Washington Territory.


Marshall Moore attended Yale University and was trained as a lawyer. Later, he was a prosecutor in Sioux City ( Iowa) and judge in a court of appeal. During the Civil War he was an officer of the Union Army. He served under Generals McClellan and Sherman and was involved in several battles. By the end of the war he had made it even to the rank of brevet major general.

In 1867, Moore was appointed by U.S. President Andrew Johnson as successor to George Edward Cole as the new governor of Washington Territory. Moore held that post until 1869. After the end of his time as governor he was left little time for other activities because he already died on 26 February 1870. He was buried in Olympia. Since 1824 he was with his wife, née Van Trump, married.