Marstrand is a town in the Swedish province of Västra Götaland County and historic province of Bohuslän. It lies about 30 km north west of Gothenburg on the islands Marstrandsö and Kooe in the Skagerrak. Marstrand is located in the municipality Kungälv.


When Marstrand was founded, is unclear, but in 1291 the town was mentioned in a Franciscan document, and in 1313 a letter privileges for the citizens of Marstrand was issued. Marstrand belonged to Norway and was an important fishing and commercial port.

1658 came to Marstrand Sweden, and the city of the mighty fortress Carlsten (Carl Tens fästning ) was built in 1689. 172 steps lead up to the tower. The second half of the 18th century was a period of prosperity for Marstrand due to the rich herring fishing. 1775 Marstrand Freeport.

In the 19th century stagnated the development of the city. They tried to distinguish itself as a seaside resort, and as King Oscar II spent the end of the century its summer here Marstrand was one of the major seaside resorts on the west coast.

The Swedish pop group ABBA turned in the summer of 1980 in Marstrand the video for her No. 1 hit "The Winner Takes It All". Among other ABBA are to be seen in firm house.


Marstrandsö is a car-free island and can only be reached via a ferry from the island Kooe. On Marstrandsö is the older part of Marstrand, which still has a medieval layout. The houses are built of wood. The cityscape is dominated by the towering over the city fortress Carlsten and from the hotels and villas of the bathers from the 19th century. Interesting buildings are Marstrand kyrka from the 14th century, the firm house dating back to 1886, the Warmbad to 1858 and the Grand Hotel.


Every year in early July at Marstrand instead the sailing regatta Match Cup Sweden. In June 2009, Marstrand was the destination of the eighth leg of the Volvo Ocean Race.


  • Percy Dudgeon Quensel, geologist