Marten von Barnekow

Marten Barnekow ( born March 18, 1900 in Kronburg, † January 29, 1967 in Sophienreut at court ) was a German show jumper.

He was a member of the family Barnekow.

In 1929 he won Derby and 1932 on the General German Jumping Derby in Hamburg- Klein Flottbek. He won the gold medal in the team jumping at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. In the individual competition he finished in 26th place in Nordland.

From Barnekow spoke out in "The training of the jumping horse " for a moderation in the gathering exercises for young horses.

"This kind of work, quite difficult for the average rider is usually misapplied and carried out. (...) As in step and trot - gallop remains under conscious renunciation of erection with strong bending of the hind - the main thing going on a long rein with a long neck with worn front of the vertical nose. "

Words, the training permanently subscript, in Rollkur or in LDR posture (low, deep and round ) worked horses, distinctly contradict. In it, he is in harmony with Gustav Rau.

Barnekow occurred in 1934 in the SS. Just one year later, he realized that only the change to the Wehrmacht enabled a successful preparation for the Olympic Games in Berlin. He therefore asked for his dismissal from the SS and prepared in the Hanover Cavalry School of the Wehrmacht on the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. In the riding competitions he won on "North Country " in team jumping, together with Kurt Hasse on " Torah " and Heinz Brandt on " Alchemist" the gold medal. In 1938 he re-entered the SS to continue his athletic career riding for the SS Main Riding School in Munich.