Martin Knosp

Martin Knosp ( born October 7, 1959 in Renchen ) is a former German freestyle wrestler and world champion in 1981 in free style at welterweight.


Martin Knosp began as a student at the ASV Urloffen with the rings. The talented athlete was already 12 years old in 1972 German student champion in freestyle wrestling in the class up to 37 kg body weight. Under the guidance of his coach Siegfried heeled it developed steadily in the following years and was still three times German Youth Champion and four German junior champion.

In the international field, he was very successful even as a junior and finished at the Junior World Championships in Las Vegas the 3rd place in the welterweight and 1978 European junior champion in Oulu, Finland. In 1979, he also wanted to start at the Junior World Championship in Ulan Bator, where he would have had a good chance of winning the title. The Mongolian authorities prevented this, however, by exhibiting Martin a visa.

Martin Knosp was a technically accomplished and immensely faster wrestler who went forward steadily and his opponents had no breather. This received in 1979 his opponents at senior level to be felt.

In his first start at senior level, he was equal to European Vice Champion welterweight in Bucharest. The finalists in this weight class Martin Knosp, Alexandar Nanew from Bulgaria and Abdul Muslimow from the Soviet Union defeated each other, but Muslimow had the best ratio of points from the preliminary competitions and so became European Champion. Also at the World Championships the same year in San Diego, the 19- year-old Martin Knosp won the silver medal. He defeated five opponents and only lost in the final to the experienced Leroy Kemp from the U.S..

1980 Martin was the first time European champion with wins over shoulder Övermark Hannu from Finland in 34 seconds over Riccardo Niccolini from Italy in 58 seconds on Rüdi Marro from Switzerland in 118 seconds, and about Reinhold stone tombs from the GDR in 66 seconds. He made it's name as " sprinters on the wrestling mat ," the well-known sports journalist Karl Adolf Scherer had marked, all honor. Only in the final against the Soviet athletes Guren Makarasaschwili he had to go over the full period of struggle, but won with 12:8 points. Due to the boycott of the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980 by the federal government was Knosp Martin, who was in top form, probably brought to the Olympic victory.

At the European Championships 1981 in Łódź, Martin injured in the fight against the Czechs and Holoubek was not, so he had to take a 1:4 point defeat in the pool finale against the Soviet athletes Elbrus Korajew in full possession of his powers. Healthy again, Martin defeated at the World Championships the same year in Skopje, all his opponents, including Leroy Kemp and became world champion.

Martin won in 1982 in Varna his second European title. In the final, he defeated the Finn Pekka Rauhala high house with 11:0 points. At the World Championships the same year Martin was not well prepared to be launched for occupational stress and related training residue. This resulted in two defeats against Alexandar Nanew and Leroy Kemp, who had his early retirement result.

In 1983 he had at the European Championships in Budapest, he was injured in his first battle against the Romanians Tamaduianu and could not continue the struggle. At the World Championship 1983 in Kiev, he was again somewhat prepared, but lost in his pool final against the new U.S. Ringer star David Schultz on points but still won the bronze medal. Before the return flight from Kiev to Germany, he and his brother Erwin to undress during a check up on the underpants and Martin Knosp had to remove a foot wrap, so that could convince the "institutions " that he wanted no state property out of the country.

At the European Championships 1984 in Jönköping Martin excelled with four quick victories over strong opponents, but found in the final battle against the Soviet athletes Taram Magomedov no adjustment and was already with 0:11 points in arrears, before he was even shouldered by 2.02 minutes. At the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, Martin struggled with five wins in the superior final, where he again met Dave Schultz. The Americans struck a very hard stance that Martin brought a bloody eyebrow injury. Ultimately, Schultz won with 4:1 points. Winning the silver medal was nevertheless a great success for Martin.

His last international championship denied Martin Knosp 1985 at the European Championships in Leipzig. He defeated it in the pool finale against the Bulgarians Padarew and won the bronze medal.

After Martin ended its Ringer career at international level. He was only 26 years old, but his future career was more important to him.

The qualified businessman Martin Knosp now lives in Urloffen and is married. He has a son, Thomas, who has also become a successful wrestler. Professional Knosp Martin has worked as a civil servant in the district office Ortenau. He is also involved as an official still in wrestling sports and is currently President of the SBRV ( Südbadischer Ringer Association )

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, EM = European Championship, F = Freestyle, Fe = Featherweight, Le = Lightweight, We = welterweight, Mi = middleweight, then until 62 kg, 68 kg, 74 kg and 82 kg body weight)

German Championships

Quotes about Martin Knosp

" The sprinters on the wrestling mat. "

" Elegance and combat power. "

" The freestyle artists from the Ortenau. "

" The husky man from ASV Urloffen. "

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