Martin Marietta

Martin Marietta Corporation was an American conglomerate, who was active primarily in the aerospace and defense sector, 1961-1995 existed.


The Martin Marietta Corporation was established in 1961 by the merger of the aerospace and defense company Glenn L. Martin Company, the building materials group American - Marietta Corporation (paints, building materials). The company was (eg, Martin Marietta Materials, Martin Marietta Aluminum ) active in various fields with various subsidiaries and produced, among other aircraft and aircraft parts, cement and other materials, engines and generators, electronics and chemical products. She participated in the triggered by the space race and the arms race with the Soviet Union upturn in the aviation and aerospace industry. The Glenn L. Martin Company had already gained experience in the construction of ballistic missiles and cruise missiles ( Matador, Mace, Viking rocket, Vanguard project). Among the most famous products of the Group include the Titan intercontinental and launcher and the Pershing medium-range missile, which were not developed in the 1950s by Martin.

1982 threatened a hostile takeover by the Bendix Corporation. To prevent this, selling Martin Marietta all non-core business units scoring areas to turn to finance a hostile takeover of Bendix. Martin Marietta survived this takeover battle and remained an independent company, Bendix, however, was taken over by the Allied Corporation. In 1993, one the aerospace division of General Electric as well as the aerospace division of General Dynamics. In 1995, the merger with Lockheed Corporation Lockheed Martin and the purchase of the Dravo Corporation (aggregates ). 1996 separated from Lockheed Martin division Martin Marietta Materials, from a stand-alone company was, in turn, in 1997 the American Aggregates Corporation purchased.

Developments (selection)

  • Martin- Marietta X -23 and X -24 experimental missiles to test the re-entry into Earth's atmosphere
  • Titan launch vehicle (eg used for the Gemini program )
  • Components of the Space Shuttle (among the main tank )
  • MGM -31 Pershing medium-range missile
  • LGM - 118A Peacekeeper, and MGM -134 - Midgetman - ICBM
  • Mk 41 Vertical Launching System
  • AGM -12 Bullpup - and AGM -79 Blue - Eye- air - to-surface missiles
  • AGM -62 Walleye glide bomb
  • FGM -148 Javelin anti-tank rocket -
  • ADATS - aircraft and anti-tank system