Martin Putze

Martin plasters (born 14 January 1985 in Apolda ) is a German Bobsportler.


Team Long

Plasters, who competes for the BSR " Rennsteig " Oberhof, began his international career in bobsleigh World Cup 2004/2005. In his first World Cup race in the four-man event of André Lange, he missed the podium in fourth place with just under 0.03 seconds at the same time with the Canadian Pierre Lueders Bob. A week later, he started in the two- along with Long and reached the second place behind Lueders his first podium. In the four-man he was with the team on the podium. After another successful start in Igls plasters launched in February at the Bob World Cup in Calgary and won the gold medal and thus his first world title there. When held in the same year Bob 2005 European Championships in St. Moritz, he won silver in the four-man event.

In the 2005/ 06 season started in plasters Long Bob with a victory in the four-man event in Calgary. After a second place in Lake Placid and a fourth place in St. Moritz plasters won the four-man event at the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin, the gold medal. When Bob Championship 2006, he again won silver in the four-man event. In the following season 2006/ 07 he started again with two victories in the four-man of Andre Lange on the path of Calgary. After two second places in Park City and Cortina d' Ampezzo, he won at the Bob World Championships 2007 in St. Moritz Bronze. Also in the first ever World Cup after the World Cup, it was enough behind the United States and Russia only third place. When Bob 2007 European him but for the first time succeeded in winning the title in the four-man event.

The first World Cup of the season 2007/ 08 he finished all of them on the podium. Only in the four-man event at Lake Placid, he missed after a long time the podium in fifth place. Then in January he was in St. Moritz in the two- back on top of the podium and won again with the four-man event on 10 February 2008. Two weeks later, he won his second world title at the Bob World Cup 2008 in Altenberg. But he missed selfsame success at the European Championships in 2008 and Bob was at the end of third parties.

The 2008/09 season was a disappointing one for renders. Despite some podium finishes him to the very top remained implies denying. When Bob World Cup 2009 in Lake Placid plasters again won silver with the four-man event. In the following season started badly plasters. So he missed even the top 10 places in Cesana and finished with André Lange at the four-man only eleventh. On 13 December 2009, he succeeded to the start of the 2009/10 season in Winterberg again a podium with second place in the four-man event. A week later he stood with Lange in Altenberg again at the top of the podium. Also in St. Moritz and in Igls in January, the team succeeded in this success.

At the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler, he won silver in the four-man Long.

Team Arndt

In the 2010/11 season renders a slow start. The now for Bob Maximilian Arndt belonging plasters was 19 December 2010 for the first time with this on the podium. In the North American Championships 2011 in Lake Placid plasters won with the team both competitions in the four-man bobsleigh and run. A week later, started in the two- plasters with Maximilian Arndt at the Bob World Junior Championships and won the silver medal. In the four-man event he won gold. When Bob 's World Cup 2011 in Koenigssee missed plasters in the four-man event for the first time in years the podium and finished fourth at the end. On 11 December 2011, he was on the podium with the Arndt- man bob in La Plagne again. Also in Koenigssee in January 2012, he again reached a leading position with the third. In St. Moritz, he succeeded in his first World Cup victory in the Arndt- man bob. After being at the Bob Championship 2012 in Altenberg again won the title in the four-man shortly after he took at the Bob World Championships 2012 in Lake Placid the silver medal.

When Bob World Cup in 2013, he was the third time world champion in four-man bobsleigh.