Martin Ritt

Martin Ritt ( born March 2, 1914 in New York City; † December 8, 1990 in Santa Monica, California ) was an American film director.


Ride was taken in the 1930s by Elia Kazan to play by bringing him to the Group Theatre. After he had fought as a soldier in World War II, he returned to Broadway as an actor and director.

In the early 1950s he was blacklisted by the Committee on Un-American Activities, due to previous activities for the Communist Party. He was then able to find any more work and started to teach drama. Among his pupils at this time included Paul Newman, Rod Steiger and Lee Remick. Finally, in 1956 he was again stage a play on Broadway in 1957 and it came to his film debut as a director. The experiences at the time of occupation ban processed ride in his film The straw man of 1976.

Martin Ritt was once nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe and won prizes for his films at film festivals in Cannes and Venice.


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