Martin Schaudt

Martin Schaudt ( born December 7, 1958 in Balingen ) is a German dressage rider.


Martin Schaudt was brought by his father to ride, the self- possessed horses and was active as an eventer. After he first rode on ponies rather, he became friends with big horses and was 16 years old Baden-Württemberg champion Junior eventing. From 1979 to 1980 he was on the Bundeswehr Sports School in Warendorf. There he brought his Hanoverian chestnut gelding Egbert for dressage, as it turned out, that his talents were more than in dressage in eventing. This Schaudt received support from his former trainer Siegfried Peilicke, the former national coach of the Young Riders and Juniors. With Egbert, he obtained the first victories in S- dressage, received in 1985, the Golden Rider badges and finally won his first Grand Prix.

Schaudt began to study law, but it then moved in front, make the equestrian his profession. However, on his father's wish, he completed an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. After he built his own dressage and training stables on the estate in Albstadt to which had been acquired by his father in 1973. The large pastures are used throughout the year as a possible natural attitude of his horses with a lot of movement and free contact to conspecifics is especially important for Schaudt. Thus, it is considered by experts as exotic as it expensive horses as space VA (now under Dieter Laugks ), Elvis VA (now under Nadine Capellmann ) or Aramis (now Sonja Bolz ) is common to a paddock.


1995 Schaudt was on his horse Durgo, a brown Westphalian gelding, with the team European champion dressage rider in the individual competition he finished 4th. Also with Durgo he reached at the 1996 Olympics 9th place in the individual standings and won the team gold. With space VA, a brown Hanoverian gelding by Weltmeyer x Picard, he could repeat this success with the 2004 Olympics, he again won the German dressage team gold. 1994, 1997 and 2004, he became German champion and holds the universe together with VA up to 2064 points today with the world record for the heaviest dressage world, the Grand Prix Spécial.

After the sale of the universe in 2007 Schaudt no longer took part in the international equestrian sport, but continued to focus on training young dressage horses. So he made, among others, along with his wife the mare Girasol, which he sold to Nadine Capellmann in May 2010. With the born in 2003 Hanoverian gelding Despino he was in 2011 and 2012 in Baden-Wuerttemberg state champion dressage rider over the years. In September 2012, Schaudt Despino sold to the dressage rider Ute Kröger - back.

Schaudt participated only in very few courses and describes himself as an autodidact. The most fun is it the training of young horses.