Martina Boesler

Martina Boesler ( born June 18, 1957 in Berlin, after marriage Martina Wieduwilt, later Martina Kirchner ) is a former rower from the German Democratic Republic, 1980, she was Olympic champion in the eighth.

Martina Boesler from SC Berlin- Grunau sat at the World Rowing Championships in Bled in 1979 GDR eight, who finished second behind the Soviet eighth. Boesler was in 1980 at the Olympic Games in Moscow for the DDR - eights, meeting in the composition Martina Boesler, Kersten Neisser, Christiane Kopke, Birgit contactor, Gabriele Kühn, Ilona Richter, Marita Sand, Karin Metze and control Ms. Marina Wilke with a brief second in front of the Soviet eight erruderte Olympic victory. For this sporting success, she was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in silver. 1981 Boesler occupied with the GDR eight fifth place at the World Championships in Munich.

After her marriage to the rowers Bert Wieduwilt she ended her athletic career in 1982 and got a son and a daughter in 1984; 1985 her husband died in a traffic accident. Until 1990, she worked as a champion in Berlin Film lab of DEFA, and later trained to secretary to.

Martina's Aunt Renate Boesler won in the 1960s four European titles in rowing, Martina's sister Petra Boesler 1976 Olympic silver medalist in rowing.