Martina Hellmann

Hellmann in the GDR Championships in Leipzig ( 1985)

Helga Martina Hellmann, née Opitz ( born December 12, 1960 in Leipzig) is a former German track and field athlete, who was starting for the GDR 1988 Olympic champion in discus throw. 1983 and 1987 she became world champion.


Martina Hellmann was a talented discus thrower age of 16. In 1977, she was allowed to speak the oath at the opening of the East German Gymnastics and Sports Festival and the Children 's and Youth. She stood in the same summer with 55,00 m on a world record for 16- year-old. In 1979, she was third in the GDR championships. The rise was interrupted by illness and injury, until they - surprisingly for professionals - 1983 in Helsinki World Champion was. Also at the European Cup in 1983 in London, she was in first.

The 1984 Olympics escaped her through the boycott of the GDR. 1985 Hellmann was at the European Cup in Moscow Second. The World Cup, which took place shortly afterwards in Canberra, they could win. In 1986, she won the bronze medal at the European Championships in Stuttgart. In Rome Hellmann in 1987 for the second time World Champion.

On September 6, 1988, she had to play Ilke Wyludda to a knock at the third place for the GDR at the Summer Olympics in 1988. Hellmann reached here in Berlin Dynamo Stadium with 78.14 meters, the largest ever measured by a discus thrower width. Because it was not an official competition, the throw but could not be registered as a world record. The widths of the six litters in detail: from 76.92 to 78.14 m - 70.52 to 76.56 - 75.66 to 74.04. In Seoul Hellmann was then treated with 72.30 meters ( Olympic record ) Olympic champion, for which she was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in gold.

In 1989, she became the mother of a daughter. The following year, Hellmann won the bronze medal at the European Championships in Split. In 1991, she finished second in Tokyo in her third World Championships in fourth place. After the 1992 Olympics, where she was eliminated in the qualifying, she stepped back.

Martina Hellmann started for the SC DHfK Leipzig and trained with Rolf Wittenbecher and Bernd Thomas. In her playing days, she was 1.78 m tall and weighed 77 kg. After her racing career the qualified sports scientist in charge of the sports club BSV AOK AOK Leipzig. From 2000 to 2003 she was Managing Director of the cabaret academixer in Leipzig.

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