Martina McBride

Martina McBride ( born July 29, 1966 in Sharon, Kansas; born Martina Mariea Schiff) is an American country music singer, one of the most successful artists of the genre since the mid- 90s. At the CMA Awards, the most important award in the Country area, it has been four times named the " Singer of the Year "; only Reba McEntire has also been awarded many times. McBride has sold more than 16 million albums worldwide.


McBride grew up in typical rural conditions of the American Midwest. As a child, she amazed Although early for country music, but also loved the rock stars of the time. In high school, she could gain first experiences in bands before them as a professional singer in Wichita, Kansas received performances mid 80s. In 1988 she married John McBride and moved with him to Nashville in 1990. During this time she was already working hard on their first demo tape, while her husband for artists like Charlie Daniels, Ricky Van Shelton and Garth Brooks worked.

At the beginning of the 90s McBride signed a recording contract with RCA Records in 1992 and released her debut album The Time Has Come. The production was traditionally held in comparison to later albums and sold only modestly. The title track was her first Top 40 hit on the country charts, further extractions ( including the drinker ballad Cheap whiskey) made ​​McBride Although popular, but only partly successful.

My Baby Loves Me 1993 was her first big hit in the U.S. country charts (No. 2 ). The accompanying album The Way That I Am sold more than a million times and held over 100 weeks in the Country Albums charts. The value written by Gretchen Peters song Independence Day, the story of a girl who has witnessed violence in their family was, a little later one of the greatest successes of Martina McBride and the CMA Award for " Song Of The Year 1995 " award.

The album Wild Angels (1995 ) gave the title song, written by colleague Matraca Berg, for the first time a number 1 hit in the charts from. McBride's albums have sold steadily better, they now had more pop -Shares: Evolution in 1997 brought it to more than four million units, while Greatest Hits first time in 2001, the top ten of the pop album charts reached, as well as her album Martina 2003. on the latter album changed its focus again more on the Country genre, after the album Emotion ( 1999) had very little to do with it. The 2005 Timeless published work contains only known country classics that were largely recorded traditional and document McBride's return to the genre. Meanwhile, the singer has sold in the U.S. alone over 13 million records. 2009, her album Shine. 2011 McBride released her eleventh studio album, Eleven; the majority of the songs McBride wrote itself. The singles Teenage Daughters and I'm Gonna Love You Though It recorded the greatest success for years. Their latest single is Marry Me duet with frontman Pat Mona Than Train.

Success outside the U.S.

The greatest success has Martina McBride so far on the country market in the USA. Already at the beginning of her career, however, took the singer attempts to conquer foreign countries. So she accompanied 1994 America's largest country music star Garth Brooks on tour through Europe and visited in this context, Germany. From 1993, her albums for the German market have been published in part with other covers and modified tracklist. The use of the song I Love You in the film The Bride, Runaway (1999) helped McBride for the first time to a greater success in Germany. As far the only single, it reached number 79 thus in the German charts.