Amsterdam -Schiphol

Martinair ( Martinair Holland NV legally ) is a Dutch cargo airline based in Amsterdam and based on its airport Schiphol. It is a subsidiary of Air France- KLM and led to October 2011, by and passenger flights.


Independent development 1958-2008

Today Martinair was founded in 1958 by former Dutch Air Force pilot Martin Schröder under the name of Martin's Air Charter, short MAC. Since the first flights with Douglas DC-3 passenger and cargo were transported.

1966, the company name was changed to Martinair Holland, two years later, the first jet aircraft was a Douglas DC-9 was added to the fleet. The McDonnell Douglas DC-10 adds the first widebody aircraft from its fleet in 1973 with four copies in the CF version that could be converted from short-term passenger to cargo aircraft.

Recent history since the takeover by KLM

On 17 December 2008 the European Commission agreed after the initiation of an investigation in September 2008 on a full takeover by KLM, which already once failed to antitrust restrictions in 1999. Owner of the shares of the company were previously Air France and KLM together with 50 % and the corporate group AP Moller- Maersk of Denmark also with 50 %.

Martinair even held a majority stake (58% ) on the Colombian Tampa Airlines, which was sold in 2008 to Avianca. The airline food caterer Marfo ( Martinair food) was also sold in 2008. Today the flight school Martinair Vliegschool belong to the company.

Also in 2008, Martinair celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, among others, with the retro paint a Boeing 767 -300ER.

In September 2010 it was announced that Martinair is from the start of the winter timetable 2011/2012 perform from 1 November 2011, no more passenger flights and concentrate on the freight business. The objectives of the passenger flights were partially taken over by the parent company KLM.

In November 2010, Martinair was sentenced along with ten other airlines because of illegal price-fixing in the freight business by the European Commission to pay a penalty of 29.5 million U.S. $.

On 31 October 2011, the passenger service was discontinued with a scenic flight over the Netherlands. The used Boeing 767 -300ER, which carried a retro paint since 2008, was " Give Thanks! " Therefor with the following words and "Thank You! " provided. Subsequently, the three previously used for passenger flights Boeing 767 -300ER were ausgeflottet.


Martinair operates cargo flights to many destinations worldwide, including, for example, to Hong Kong and Miami.

In addition to end of October 2011 from Amsterdam and passenger flights were offered to intercontinental holiday destinations. The last time this was Punta Cana, Cancun, Aruba, Curacao and Havana, the latter three were taken over by KLM.


As of September 2013, the fleet consists of eleven Martinair Cargo aircraft:

  • 01 Boeing 747- 400BCFs
  • 04 Boeing 747- 400ERFs (3 leased from KLM Cargo, 1 operated for Etihad Airways )
  • 06 McDonnell Douglas MD -11F


  • On December 4, 1974, a Douglas DC-8 Martinair collided on approach to Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, with a mountain. 191 people were killed - 184 Indonesian passengers and seven crew members Dutch.
  • On 21 December 1992, a McDonnell Douglas DC -10-30 the company had an accident during landing at Faro Airport in Portugal. The machine broke in two and burst into flames. Reasons for the accident in which 56 people died, were bad weather conditions and human error.