Martti Laakso

Martti Laakso ( born December 19, 1943 in Ilmajoki ) is a former Finnish wrestler. He was vice-champion in 1965 and European vice-champion in 1970 and 1972 in the Greco-Roman featherweight.


Encouraged by his older brother by four years, Matti Laakso also Martti Laakso began when Ringer Club Ilmajoen Kisailijoita with the rings. Unlike his brother, he worked there only in the Greco-Roman. Style. During his career, he also launched for the sports club Vasaan Voima - Veikkoja. After Martti Laakso belonged in the different age groups to the best Finnish wrestlers already at youth level, he was in 1962 at the age of 19 for the first time Finnish champion bantamweight. By the end of his career in 1973, he won a total of five Finnish championship title.

At the international wrestling mat Martti Laakso first appeared in the year 1965. Having occupied the second place in the featherweight at the Nordic Championships behind the Swede Leif Freij, he made at the World Championships this year in Tampere for a bang, as won as an unknown newcomer he with five wins and a final defeat against Soviet athlete Yuri Grigoryev the silver medal and was vice-champion.

After a somewhat weaker Year 1966 Martti Laakso reached a good 4th place at the European Championships 1967 in Minsk. He remained at this championship in four fights undefeated, but had to leave Turkey due to attainment of 6 penalty points after two draws against Sreten Damjanović from Yugoslavia and Metin Alakoc. At the World Championships the same year he fought draw against Lothar Schneider from the GDR, but had to retire early because of a defeat against the eventual world champion Roman Rurua from the Soviet Union after the third round.

In 1968, Martti Laakso both at the European Championships in Västerås and at the Olympic Games in Mexico City on the 6th Place. At the European Championships, he defeated while also Werner Hettich from Freiburg and wrestled in the Olympics against Lothar Schneider again draw.

1969 found the World Championships in Mar del Plata place before the European Championships in Modena. In Mar del Plata Martti Laakso came with the third place winning the World Cup bronze medal. What was remarkable was that he scored against world champion Roman Rurua a draw. However, an avoidable loss to Petre Roman from Romania cost him an even better placement. At the European Championships in Modena him no victory succeeded. He wrestled twice a draw and was eliminated after a totally unexpected defeat against the Swiss Jakob Tanner after the 3rd round prematurely.

At the European Championships in Berlin in 1970 then Martti Laakso was back in top form. After three victories, he wrestled et al draw against Kazimierz Lipień from Poland. But in the final he was defeated by Vyacheslav Topurow from Bulgaria. In the final account, he finished in an excellent second place. At the World Championships the same year in Edmonton Martti Laakso defeated again Werner Hettich and also won over Kazimierz Lipień. He then lost against the strong Japanese Hideo Fujimoto and came on the 5th Place.

After Martti Laakso 1971 paused on the international wrestling mat, he was at the 1972 European Championship in Katowice again European vice-champion at featherweight. Also wrestled at the Olympic Games in Munich in front of the field with Martti, scored after two wins over Hideo Fujimoto even a draw and was subject to the dominant in this competition wrestlers Jemal Megrelischwili from the Soviet Union and Georgi Markov from Bulgaria just barely. On 7th place but he remained without a medal.

After 1973 Martti Laakso ended his international career Ringer.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, EM = European Championship, GR = Greek and Roman. Styles, Ba = bantamweight, Fe = Featherweight, Le = Lightweight until 1962-57 kg 62 kg and 67 kg, from 1963 up to 57 kg, 63 kg and 70 kg, from 1969-57 kg 62 kg and 68 kg body weight)

Finnish Championships


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