Martwili (Georgian მარტვილი ) is a place in the region of Samegrelo and Upper Svaneti in the west of Georgia.

Under Soviet rule from 1936 to 1990 was called the village Gegechkori, named after the Bolshevik Sasha Gegechkori.


The population lives mainly from agriculture or are self-catering. In the village there are some shops and markets as well as a supermarket.

Industry or factories no longer exist, many vacant, partly dilapidated buildings recall the times where there was more work here. There is a public hospital, a police station, a fire station and two banks. Every Friday there is a big market near the football field, where everyone also can offer himself merchandise.


In the center is the local museum, which was founded in 1957 and renovated in 2011.


It is built on the roots of an oak tree, according to legend Martwili - Chkondidi Cathedral was built in the late 7th century. According to tradition, the monks is here in the 1st century another church buildings have been built on the spot where Saint Andrew is said to have converted some locals on an oak tree to Christianity. This monastery on a hill in the center of town is considered to be worth seeing.


The football club based in Martwili FC Merani Martwili plays in the Umaghlessi League, the highest Georgian league. The football field has two grandstands and about 2500 seats.