Marugame, Kagawa

Marugame (Japanese丸 亀 市, -shi ) is a city in Kagawa Prefecture in Japan.


Marugame is an ancient castle town and has one of only 12 preserved in their original state wooden castle towers in Japan ( Castle Marugame ).

Marugame is also famous for its production uchiwa ( fan ). About 90 % of all subjects produced in Japan come from Marugame.

Attractions in Marugame are:

  • The Iinoyama, also called Sanuki -Fuji, a mountain between Marugame and Takamatsu. He is one of the "Seven of Sanuki Fuji " (讃 岐 七 富士, Sanuki -Fuji nana ).
  • Shiwaku - Kimbansho on the belonging to Marugame Honjima the Shiwaku Islands, a reconstructed in the 19th century administrative complex, now a museum on the history of the pirates of the Shiwaku Suigun.
  • Nakazuban - Shoen, a Japanese garden dating from the 17th century, site of the Margame Museum


Marugame was raised in April 1899 during the Meiji period as the 53rd place to the city ( shi). In the Shōwa period of the 1940s and 1950s, the urban areas were slammed in the Southeast and some islands. In 1999 the city celebrated its 100th anniversary Marugame.

On 22 March 2005 the communities Ayauta and Hanzan combined with Marugame.


  • Train JR Yosan - line
  • Takamatsu Expressway
  • National Road 11 to Tokushima and Matsuyama
  • National Road 32
  • National Road 319,377,438


  • Spain Donostia- San Sebastián, Spain


In Marugame is the Marugame Stadium of Kagawa ( Kagawa kenritsu Marugame kyōgijō ) Prefecture, which offers 30,000 spectators. On the first Sunday in February is the start and finish of the Kagawa Marugame Half Marathon.

The Marugame Kyōteijō near the station is one of two motor boat racing tracks on Shikoku.

Adjacent Cities and Towns

  • Takamatsu
  • Manno
  • Tadotsu
  • Zentsuji