Marunouchi (Japanese丸の内) is a business district in the center of the Japanese capital Tokyo. It is located in Chiyoda ward, between Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace. The name translates to " inside the circle ", derives from a position within the outer moat of the former Edo Castle (now the Imperial Palace ).

Marunouchi is the center of the Japanese banking system, the headquarters of three of Japan 's largest banks have their headquarters here also the headquarters of many companies of the former Mitsubishi zaibatsu are located in Marunouchi.

The zip code of Marunouchi is 100-0005, however, some buildings, some individual floors have their own zip codes. According to the census of 2005, Marunouchi had 67 inhabitants, of which five women in 67 households.


Before Tokugawa Ieyasu moved his residence in 1590 in the castle of Edo, the area was under its former name Hibiya an offshoot of the Bay of Edo. When the castle as a new center of power in Japan was expanded, was won here in 1592 gradually territory. A second moat was created and the former moat was the inner ditch. The area was named Okuruwauchi, and 24 daimyo, especially Shimpan and Fudai - daimyo, built according to the sankin Kótai control here their residence in Edo. The area was thus the nickname daimyō Koji ( " Daimyo Alley "). Here were also the residences of the North and Südmagistrate and financial management of the shogunate.

With the beginning of the Meiji Restoration of land owned by the daimyo in the now called Tokyo City from the new central government was annexed in 1871. First, the area for barracks and parade grounds of the newly formed Imperial Army of Japan was used. 1890 acquired Iwasaki Yanosuke, younger brother and successor of the founder of Mitsubishi Zaibatsu, Iwasaki Yataro the land for 1.5 million yen. The new owners built a business district in British brick style, and even today, a large part of the area owned by Mitsubishi Estate.

1894 built the prefectural government of Tokyo headquartered in the area of ​​residence of the daimyo of Kōchi.

1911 here was the " Imperial Theatre " ( teikoku Gekijo; engl Imperial Garden Theater. ) Built the first Western-style theater in Japan. Here especially musicals and operas are performed.

1914, the Tokyo station was opened in Marunouchi. Today, he is after Shinjuku Station is the second most important transport hub in Tokyo.

The 1954 opened Marunouchi Line of Eidan (now Tokyo Metro) is named after the district.

With the relocation of the prefectural government to Shinjuku in 1991, the Tokyo International Forum was in the area of the old city hall built and opened in 1997.

Opened in 2002, Marunouchi Building is on the most expensive according to some data piece of land in all of Japan, with a value of 21 million yen per square meter.