Marvdascht (also Marvdašt مرودشت Persian ) is a town in the province of Fars in Iran 45 km north of Shiraz. In its vicinity are several historical sites, including Persepolis, Naqsch -e Rostam, Naqsch -e Rajab and Istachr.

Archaeological finds, according to the Marvdascht level, was erected in the Darius I. Persepolis, inhabited since thousands of years ago and has been associated with the ancient Anshan.

The present city has three universities and is a center for various industries and for agriculture.

The eponymous district is divided into four districts, and includes the cities Marvdascht, Seydan and Kamfiruz.


  • Tscheshma - hā -ye Abul Mahdi and Bonab Qader Abad ( sources)
  • Ābschār -e Margun near the dam Firuzan ( waterfall )
  • Tang - hā -ye Bostanak and Bezaq in Kamfiruz
  • Takht -e Jamshid, Persepolis complex
  • Ghal'eh Estakhr (lock) and Bordsch -e -e Zendan Solayman ( prison of Soleiman ).
  • Pol- hā -ye Ghadimi: Amir Khan and Band ( Old Bridge ).
  • Nebeschte Sang Tang -e Bazaqi and Naqsch -e Rajab ( reliefs ).
  • Removed Shahr -ee -ye Ghadimi Estakhr, Old Estakhr, 7 km from Takht -e Jamshid