Marvin Williams

Marvin Gaye Williams, Jr. ( born June 19, 1986 in Bremerton, Washington ) is an American professional basketball player. Since the season 2005/ 06 he is in the American professional league NBA, active since 2012 for the Utah Jazz. Previously, he played at the University of North Carolina, at the Michael Jordan played, under one of the best college coaches in America, Roy Williams.

High school and college career

Marvin Williams played in his youth in his hometown at the Bremerton High School in Washington State. There he was with just under 29 points per game and 15 rebounds in the average star of his team. When he left high school, he was known as one of the best players in his class and received a number of awards and prizes. Among other things, he was elected team in the McDonald 's All- American, which is composed of the best high school players all over the United States.

Subsequently, Williams received a scholarship from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, one of the best and most famous basketball universities in North America. In his freshman year ( first season) at the college, he was mainly used as 6.Mann the highly successful team. He averaged nearly 12 points in 22 minutes per game. His team, the UNC Tar Heels, made ​​it to the NCAA finals of the best college teams in the U.S., which inter alia with 5 points against the Fighting Illini from Illinois 75:70 also won by a major basket by Marvin Williams shortly before the end of the game. After this great victory, Williams announced to leave to the College and to register for the NBA Draft.

NBA career

The Atlanta Hawks selected in the NBA Draft in 2005 as a second pick, after Andrew Bogut from Australia, who was drawn first. The pre traded as first pick point guard Chris Paul of Wake Forest and Deron Williams of Illinois, played against Marvin Williams in the NCAA finals, were drawn after him.

In his first season, Marvin Williams largely disappointed and criticism of the Atlanta Hawks to have him brought before the better gambling Chris Paul and Deron Williams, grew louder and louder. Nevertheless, he was All- Rookie Second Team elected to the NBA. In his second season, Marvin Williams increased promptly and played in the first five of the Hawks. His points average it increased from 8.5 to 13.1. In the third year as a pro, he proved his potential final, in which he considered one of the leading players was helping to lead the Hawks after more than 10 years of playoff abstinence in the postseason. He formed together with Josh Smith and Al Horford one of the youngest and most promising for the future front courts in the NBA. In the playoffs, the Hawks failed after 3 surprising home wins against the eventual champion Boston Celtics in the seventh game in the Best of Seven Series 4-3.

In subsequent years, however, Williams could never justify the high expectations completely. His stats was broadly stable at about 10 points and 5 rebounds per game. Labeled as eternal talent from fans, Williams was transferred in the summer of 2012 in exchange for Devin Harris to the Utah Jazz.

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In his childhood, Williams was a fan of the Seattle SuperSonics, so he was on the move to Oklahoma City in 2008 less than pleased.

His early idols were Gary Payton and Kevin Garnett.

Marvin Williams has two younger brothers who are still in high school or college. His greatest wish is that both make a college degree.

In the summer of 2008, Williams traveled to Europe, visiting, among other things an international basketball camp in Switzerland.