Mary (2005 film)

Mary is an American- Italian - French film drama from the year 2005. Directed by Abel Ferrara, who also co-wrote the screenplay.


The TV presenter Ted Younger prepares a series of programs that are dedicated to the life of Jesus. His pregnant wife Elizabeth is nearing the birth of her child, while the complications threaten. Younger invites you to his show the film star and director Tony Childress, whose controversial film, This Is My Blood ( he even plays Jesus) has just been released. The car in which the men go, is attacked by devout people. The moderator has an affair with Childress ' assistant Gretchen Mol (name of an actress from a previous of Ferrara's films ). Its reality falters, he experienced a breakdown and realizes that he has been living in a false world.

The arrogant director Childress sees his magnum opus, repeatedly sequences are shown from the risk by the fundamentalist protests, climaxing in a delusional world into it.

The lead actress of the film This Is My Blood Marie Palesi travels to Jerusalem because they did not finding your way back after the end of the shooting from her role of Mary Magdalene in her old world as an actress. Her life is completely changed ( by the encounter with the land and the film material ). You survived unharmed a stop. Younger calls her, but she is not interested in an appearance on his show. He phoned several times with her, probably from the irrational feeling out that she could help him somehow. The final scene shows the Sea of ​​Galilee. It is not clear whether this is a scene from Childress ' film or the present.


Ray Bennett wrote in the magazine The Hollywood Reporter on 29 September 2005, the "dark " and forgettable religious movie is unconvincing. The representations of Forest Whitaker and Heather Graham are professionally; Juliette Binoche know with her role to do with.

Leslie Felperin wrote in the journal Variety of 19 September 2005, the film was not as outstanding as Bad Lieutenant, but not as a " dud " like New Rose Hotel. The lighting and the soundtrack would make him a " spiritual horror, no devils, monsters or other bad guy, but full of oppressive fear"; the end he would melodramatic.

Nana A. T. Rebhan looks on the website of Arte, the main problem of the film is that it was divided into unconnected items, which ask the viewer's attention on a sample.

Ekkehard Knörer said in the Taz on 19 October 2006, written and directed seemed as if they hardly know " what they want or do." But photographed throughout the film was terrific, and for many a moviegoer fascinating and irritating, somewhere between " intentional open structure of meaning " and " unstructured jumble " to settle.

Lukas Foerster writes on, Ferrara confront his hero with the depths of his own existence, the cinematic form does not distinguish between subjective and objective images. What remains is the metaphysical claim, not always be apparent what was to Mary movie aesthetically sophisticated concept and what creative chaos. But the consistent, powerful finale evidence to show that the director knew exactly also in the rest of the work, what they do.


Abel Ferrara was awarded in 2005, four awards of the International Film Festival of Venice ( Grand Special Jury Prize, Mimmo Rotella Foundation Award, SIGNIS Award, Sergio Trasatti Award) and was nominated for the Golden Lion.


The film was shot in New York City, in Rome, in Matera ( Basilicata ) and in Jerusalem. Its world premiere took place at the International Film Festival in Venice on September 6, 2005. On 11 September 2005, he was presented at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián and a number of other film festivals followed.