Masaharta was during the 21st Dynasty ( Third Intermediate Period ) around 1054-1046 BC High Priest of Amun at Thebes.


Masaharta was the son of the high priest Pinudjem I. and I. Isetmachbit. His siblings were, among others Psusennes I and his wife later Mutnedjmet, the chief priests Menkheperre, Djedchonsiuefanch and the " God's Wife of Amun " Maatkare.


As the successor to his father Pinudjem I., who took the title of king (Pharaoh), Masaharta was since its 16th year of reign high priest in Thebes. Among his tasks was there among other things, the reburial of the royal mummies.

After only eight years reign Masaharta died around 1046 BC, perhaps after an illness. From his reign are the temple of Karnak, a shaded relief, a small doorway to the east of the 9th pylon and a small falcon statue, which today is located in Brussels, testified. From his funeral some shabtis are obtained.