Masako is a Japanese female first name.

Origin and Meaning of the Name

As Japanese names are written in kanji, the meaning of the name is extremely versatile and can change completely depending on the spelling.

Famous names winners

Of the first name Masako and its variants

  • Crown Princess Masako (雅子 皇太子 妃 殿下) (* 1963), Crown Princess of Japan
  • Hōjō Masako (北 条 政 子) ( 1156-1225 ), regent of the Hōjō clan and mother of Minamoto no Yoriie
  • Princess Masako from the Tokugawa clan of the Tokugawa, wife of Emperor Go - Mizunoo
  • Masako Chiba (born 1976 ), long-distance runner
  • Masako Nozawa ( b. 1936 ), actress and voice actress
  • Masako Togawa (* 1931), crime writer
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