Masaya Volcano National Park

The Masaya Volcano National Park ( Parque Nacional Volcán Masaya ) in 1979 reported as the second national park in Nicaragua. It covers an area of ​​5100 acres and offers visitors more than 20 kilometers of walking paths with views of the two volcanoes and five craters Nindirí and Masaya ( Montoso, Arenoso Sastepe and Comalito ) of the National Park.

Since the last eruptions of two volcanoes ( Nindirí: 1670 Masaya: 1772) the ecosystem of the park has undergone many changes. The dry lava was conquered gradually from small plants that release paved the way for greater vegetation which in turn provide food and shelter for themselves colonizing fauna. In the dry season the park is dotted with lots of fragrant flowers, including many orchid species and the state flower, Sacuanjoche ( Frangipani) are found.

The fauna of the national park include coyotes, skunks, raccoons and opossums forming the nocturnal squad. By day you can encounter iguanas, monkeys, deer, rabbits and parrots. The latter seek refuge in the sulfur- infested crater walls to take apparently without damage. Other birds such as woodpeckers or Hokkohühner do it like them.

Other attractions of the national park petrified lava and include tropical dry forest vegetation.

A visitor center provides information in an exhibition on the history, geology, flora and fauna of the national park, national parks and other volcanoes in Nicaragua.

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