Mascot (car)

Mascot was a Swedish car brand under which approximately 1920 cyclecars were marketed. Manufacturer AB was Rååverken from Helsingborg.

The Mascot was delivered both as a kit car as well as a finished car. With this kit, a motorcycle was transformed into a kind Cyclecar. Usually served with a Excelsior 16 bhp ( 11.8 kW ) V-2 engine as a base, but it also motorcycles from Harley- Davidson, Reading Standard or Indian were used. Steering unit, seat and front wheel were dismantled and installed the remaining frame with engine and rear in a lightweight body that the "missing" three wheels supplied. The track width was 1,070 mm, length 3,000 mm, and the weight was 275 kg. The vehicle was steered by the steering wheel, had gas and brake pedal, gear shift, windshield, doors, a convertible roof, comfortable seats and a single spotlight. Two people found in the tandem -seat space. The whole car looked similar to the ALC.