Mass concentration (chemistry)

A mass concentration (symbol: β or ρ ) is a content specification that indicates the mass of a substance i with respect to the volume of a mixture or solution. The mass concentration is equal to the density at which the substance is present.

Mass concentration:

Calculation example

8.2 mg / l of magnesium ions (such as it is, for example, to find a bottle of mineral water )

The mass concentration is the mass (in this case 8.2 mg magnesium ions) in relation to the total volume of the mixture of substances is ( here: a liter of mineral water) dar.

Related to the molar concentration

Following relationship exists between the mass concentration and the molar concentration:

This can be proved as follows:


The sum of the mass concentrations

The sum of the mass concentrations of all components of a solution (including the solvent! ) Yields the density of the solution by dividing the sum of the masses of the components by the volume of the solution.