Master of International Business

When MIB ( Master of International Business ) is a course of study and an academic degree.

The MIB is similar to the Master of Business Administration with a consideration of the prevailing global market trends. Currently, the conclusion of some U.S. universities, the European institutions and in Australia is offered.

MIB in Germany

Among others, the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management offers this branch to since 2008. The postgraduate studies can be performed depending on the university in 2-4 semesters. As with any master's program a successful bachelor degree is required in order to participate in the program. Part of International Business is also combined with external economic / macroeconomic aspects, eg at the University of Hohenheim.

MIB in France

MIB was introduced in 1995 by the Grenoble Graduate School of Business ( GGSB / GEM ) and has since been completely taught in English. There are two intakes per year. The program is open to students of all nationalities with at least a bachelor's degree. The GGSB ' MIB is currently awarded to the sites Grenoble, London and Singapore. Further locations are planned but. In 2010 Master 's in Management ranking of the Financial Times, the program has improved two places to the 5th place.

MIB in Switzerland

The International University in Geneva (IUG ), which is not recognized in Switzerland as a university, has introduced the MIB since 2008. There are mixed with the traditional business disciplines of program content from the areas of Media and Communication, International Relations and Trade. The cost of the 15-month MIB program amount to approximately 46,000 Swiss francs.

MIB in Australia

In Australia, the MIB is offered by most of the universities. Within this structure studies are often some of the main subjects ( Core Units ) mandatory abzuleisten. In addition to the main subjects often other subjects (units ) can be selected, so a degree of specialization can be achieved.