Masvingo (formerly Fort Victoria, named after Queen Victoria) is the capital of the eponymous province in the southeast of Zimbabwe and had in a census in 2002, 69 993 inhabitants.


The town of Masvingo was founded in 1890 and is the oldest colonial city in Zimbabwe. The Old Fort from 1891, which should monitor the road to the south, still stands as a monument in the city center.


The city lies near the Mutirikwisee National Park and is the terminus of a railway line to Gweru. It has an airport for domestic flights. About 28 kilometers away are the ruins of Great Zimbabwe.

Interestingly, the stone carvings are beyond the production for the tourist market, some of which have already found their way into European art galleries. The Jakarandablüte in September is one of the attractions of the city.


Masvingo Masvingo is the seat of the diocese.


  • Robert Mugabe, born 1924 in Masvingo
  • Victor Mavedzenge, born 1974 in Masvingo

Twin Cities

Masvingo is since 1990 a twin town of nuclei in the Rems valley.


The football club Masvingo United play in the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League.

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