Matadi is a port city in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Matadi is the capital of the province of Bas -Congo, the population is according to current calculations, 291 338 (2010) The city is located on the left bank of the Congo, about halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the capital of the Congo Kinshasa. The Congo is up to this point inland navigable, the Angolan border lies to the south of the city.

Matadi is the seat of the Diocese of Matadi.

The name means "stone " in the widespread here Kikongo language. The city is built on steep hills. In March 1887 Henry Morton Stanley's expedition went in search of Emin Pasha here on the way into the interior of Africa station.



  • The rapids of Yelaba.
  • The " Rock of Diogo Cão ", named after the Portuguese explorer who explored the Congo in 1482 so far.


  • Déo Kanda (* 1989), Congolese national football team